Y2Ks upgraded to 2012

So Nostradamus was wrong and the world didn’t end in 2000 or the years before that. There were a lot of computer glitches because the PC was not ready. Y2K was supposed to produce some apocalyptic robotic takeover, or was it the meltdown of reactors, end of the world, or something like that. There were a whole bunch of “doom n gloom”. The year 2000 is gone by eleven years ago and we can officially say we’re safe… Enter the Mayans. To make things worse, here is 2012 ad we were being warned just a handful of years before that. It is the end of the world… AGAIN!

The Mayans predicted something significant before they vanished underground (Don’t quote me on that). They predicted that on December 23, 2012 there would be a planetary shift that would cause massive devastation. So this time no computer crashes, no end of world, and no boom. Just a twist and some crashing along with some earthquakes. Not to mention the likelihood of massive death.

Truth is we have seen the signs over the last few years. At least that is what many experts believe. Take into account the successive disasters in China, Chile, Japan, and others nations that have severely decimated the people and places. Entire cities and villages have been wiped out. Could these be the effects of the predictions as the planet begins its diabolical tilt? Or have they simply been the effects of planetary mismanagement as some have suggested?

I wish I could tell you the answer. But what I do know is that we have survived many disasters before and will again. We can judge for ourselves based on the widespread effects of the last few years that something is happening. We have seen earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcano activity, flooding, and widespread panic. The end of the world I don’t know. But whatever it is we have survived many catastrophic disturbances to earth. This will be no difference if it in fact does occur in 2012. To me it seems like 2012 is doing well enough on its own spreading itself.. Maybe we should do the same.

But hearing the reports of what will be. December 2012 seems more like the beginning.


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