Alpha Logs



Unbeleivable how things are panning out. Just keep checking. Take a look at if you have a business it could be very helpful. Doing some decent things in 2012.


Exciting news. Alphawriter blogs will soon be moving to… I have registered it and decided with what I’m doing this is the best way to go about it. I am going to love getting everything setup and running my way. I will be working the same style and working with the blogs I have going. looking forward to sharing everything with you all as usual.


Today I added a Business Resource page to my blogs. My initial thought is to add as many resources for small business owners in order to provide a source where they can find anything. So far I have added a Small Business Finance, and Inhouse Marketing with more in the works. I think this is going to take up the better part of Months to get enough companies to sign on. But once I do I plan on marketing heavily. I published the pages in oder to keep myself moving, make it public and zest to my page. Keep looking on. More coming.

2 / 15 / 2012: I’ve been awake all night because of my next idea. It has been awhile since my last update. But things are shaping up to be magnificent. Check my pages in about a week. Alpha may also be moving to a new address soon enough. This has been an unbelievable year so far and getting better. If you check my new tag line you will get an idea of the concept I am working on. Hmmm, not it is not something new in terms of being on the market, but it is new in terms of how it is offered. Look for the changes coming soo.

1/18/2012 The First Cover for Into The Vein is Finished. Put on Eternities’ Ghost. Weigh in.

I just Designed the First Into teh Vein Cover tonight. What do you think?

1/14/2012 (1:00) ~ Moving up and taking chances. I’ve seen all this Freelancing online. I am taking a chance with my marketing skills and writing. My creativity is at a level when I am both confident and ready to move into this phase of my evolution. I’ve seen my visitors grow. I’ve seen my facebook fan-count grow, and my twitter is picking up steam. 3 weeks and growing. Looking to triple my numbers by week 6… 3 more weeks to go. Check everything out and let me know what you think. Feedback always welcome. More updates to come… And yes I am still working on my book, books now.. looking to work on more than one manuscript at a time. Support me and make that happen. Visit my book pages. if you’re a business; this is my update to the public so everyone knows when I make a milestone. Bloggers be jealous :p; jk, start doping this too. If you want to participate, you’re more than welcome. Bless.

1/12/12 (8:30)~ :p I had to post today all these ones and twos. I was contacted through my facebook page from someone who will be providing me stories from Afghan and Asia. I am seriously looking forward. Hopefully I get some positive stories to share.

1/11/12 – if you mad cause I got my own dating scheme too bad… Now, log, 4:52 pm, bored to tears and stuck 100 miles from home. I’m wondering if this is what passes for generousity from employers these days. But as the bosses have said to us; just be lucky we still have jobs. Wonder if they’ll be saying the same thing when hiring signs start popping back up?

1 / 7 / 2012 – Random thoughts  Shared through madness. Pay attention. Thought I’d create something just to share my random madness with everyone. I may or may not open it to everyone. Yes it was really 1 / 7 / 2012 when I posted this. Look at the time stamp.


Your feedback and comments are always welcome

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