Say it ain’t so Celts: 0 – 3

0 - 3

First they lose to NY 😦 in a close game, 104 – 106 (L). Then they went and lost to Miami 😦 :(. And to make it a trifekta they lose to the Hornets minus CP3. What’s going on this year? Don’t get it twisted, they do seem to be paying some decent ball. Just not translating to wins. Could this have something to do with their sidelined leader, Paul Pierce?

Don’t know exactly what the missing ingredient is. But they do have Garnett, Ray Allen,

Poor Doc. He's in shock

and Rajon Rondo out there playing. That should be more than enough firepower to get things moving. The game against NY saw Rondo racking up 31 points and 13 assists and still a loss. Come on fellas, that should’ve been an automatic win. Show the little guy some love for his efforts. They did make a comeback after being down 15 early.


Whatever it is I hope they get it right by Friday. They are taking on a Detroit Pistons team that is just hitting their rebuilding phase and showing it. They haven’t won any games either. One of the teams is going to be without a win come Friday. You can bet I’ll be whooping it up for the Celts.


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