Bonny Portmore: A Haunting Reminder of What we are Losing

This song is a haunting reminder of what we will never have again. The first time I heard it I sat mesmerized by the then popular series, highlander. I spent years trying to find the song and once I did. I listened over and again. I had to know the exact words. And so I went on a search not knowing the songstress. And BAM, I found it. I also found the history behind this ghost song. It is not a very reassuring thing.

The song laments of the destruction of Bonny Portmore forest by England. All in the name of Elegance I guess; sad but true. When we think of all that is being torn apart as I type. Global Chemical dump-sites that are still active in Africa; there are a few. Listening to this song and reading you understand the urgency. Translated; this is one issue that is tied to other issues surrounding the rapid decimation of earth.

The lament ends with a statement that is heard again and again when we look back. Loreena Mckennit doles out the last words: O bonny Portmore, you shine where you stand. And the more I think on you the more I think long. If I had you now as I had once before. All the Lords of Old England would not purchase Portmore. If I had you now as I once had once before…. What will we be saying that about next? What will be our excuse for continuing that? If you feel this issue share this knowledge with the people you know – Don’t let it end with your eyes on this page.

One Love ~ Alpha – Meta


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