The Evil acts of Racism are not Conservative

In the past, I wrote about violence in an attempt to understand the rational behind violent acts. I still don’t. Reading about a man driving 650 miles for 8 hours in order to shoot Hispanic people shopping for school supplies for their children, because the leadership he looks up to, says there is a “Hispanic Invasion”. I can’t even begin to fathom. What I can see coming in the next couple of days is another attempt at “conservatism is under attack” BS, if nobody buys the excuses that may ensue, rather than the accountability one would expect from leadership.

Saying “hate has not place in our country” is something I can get behind, but it needs to be followed up with action. Clear cut, 2 years of tough action. Not returning to the same rhetoric that’s setting these people off within a week while denying you have nothing to do with the attacks. The attacks have been following rhetoric and media messages from a certain twitter account of a certain leader. It’s time to be a leader and alter the media messages and I for one have my fingers crossed.

One can only hope that the Police department makes none of the statements the murderer makes, available to the public, in order to begin to stifle any motivation racists will get from those statements. One can also hope that officials elected as checks and balances weigh the response given by a leader I’m still waiting to call President, that has not yet taken responsibility for his words, and do their jobs or get voted out in the next wave of voting. It is time to slow the madness of murder and chaos.

The proof is in the actions of those looking for words to follow. In 2016 the words of this same leadership was against Black & Muslim communities and, sure enough, Black & Muslim communities were the targets of these racist individuals and their bile. Now, the media messages being pushed by leadership is about a Hispanic Invasion of America and, sure enough, Hispanic people are now the target of these so-called White Nationalists (Racists). These actions are not the actions of conservative people. They are the actions of racists.

Conservatives value laws and regulations that conserve life, values, and a way of living that carries benefits for generations to come. Conservatives do not run around screaming “White power, Black power, Jewish power, Muslim power” or any of that – they respect the people they sometimes don’t want to tolerate, and their right to the same freedoms they themselves enjoy; just like liberals (ie everybody else). They live peaceably, even if intolerably of certain levity, just like everybody else (ie liberals).

Conservatives are also known to be intolerant of behaviors or actions that threaten their way of living (just like…). But, these same conservatives value life and liberty. There is a stark difference between racism and conservatism that need conservatives to clarify those differences. They also need to set the tone against ANY language that incites the type of violence that has been taking place in American society and spreading, as it usually does, because American behavior has for a long time set the tone for behaviors of cultures across many waters. There is very little argument against that fact. But elected conservatives can no longer continue to clean up BS because they’re afraid to go against “the party”. The conservative party, which may need to change its name soon, include Cuban-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Black Americans, Jewish Americans, White Americans & others… Just like the Liberal party. Neither the conservative, which bills itself on rule of law, nor the liberal party should tolerate racism in any form in order to ply votes. It is not conservative. It is as disgusting as the concerted “conservative” silence has been with each of these evil acts.

America was born of many people and built by many hands of all languages and colors, of which there were liberal, mid, and conservatives, of all colors and languages. Far too many people have suffered for the right to life and liberty. And as the descendants of the people who suffered for this nation, I believe it is the responsibility of the American voters to now set the tone for the future of their country and vote against any elected official that only condemns the evil actions of racists, with words and prayers, without taking definitive action, specifically if their media messages are what is validating the actions of the racists committing evil acts.

Hollywood Goes to Sanford Florida: George Zimmerman rescues family

Right after his acquittal, Child Killer, George Zimmerman just happened to happen up on a family overturned on the Highway and stopped, despite feeling endangered to rescue a family of 4, two adults, two children. Miraculously, no one in the OVERTURNED vehicle was hurt or even made it to the hospital it seems. 2 kids 2 adults, seems the only thing missing from the scene was a lovable puppy. I’d imagine they could’ve been more creative, but why bother. They were able to put on a mock trial, why not cap it off with a mock rescue.

Man do we need a riot in Sanford. You can read the entire disturbing article here 😦 RIP trayvon Martin.

The 2012 – 2013 Failure of the Justice System

George Zimmerman! How does a man stalk, start a fight with, kills a teenager, and claim self-defense and then walk after the evidence has been presented? Be white in any town and kill a black person of any gender, age, or stature. It’s been proven again and again, and contrary to what white America says. Racism just showed itself as being very much alive. Sad to write this but I had to. I no longer believe in the justice system as anything just.

I suppose the answers should be forthcoming, but that joke of a trial was a sad joke. Try to prove me wrong and I’ll show you the eulogy of Emitt Till and Trayvon Martin and others unreported.

Repeating Islands


The Gleaner reports that Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) unveiled its newest campaign “Jamaica Me Happy” at a reception honoring award-winning reggae icon Jimmy Cliff and star of VW’s “Get Happy” commercial, Erik Nicolaisen. The unveiling took place at the gardens of The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston, Jamaica:

Minister of Tourism Wykeham McNeill expressed his admiration for the promotion of Brand Jamaica through the ad. “As you are aware, the ‘Get Happy’ commercial has been causing quite a stir internationally, with persons expressing differing views about it both in the public media and on social-media platforms. I happen to like the advertisement and support it wholeheartedly, so much so that I encourage everyone to do as it recommends and tap into your inner Jamaican and ‘get happy’,” McNeill said.

McNeill also paid tribute to Jimmy Cliff for his recent Grammy award win for the album, Rebirth. McNeill noted…

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Some Authors Go Deeper: Barbed-Wire Butterflies by Jessica Kristie

Barbed-Wire ButterfliesHuman Trafficking is a big problem the world over. Every day someone is kidnapped or shipped across the waters to end up a servant, unwilling worker, or worse on a distant shore. They never know anyone, they cannot count on anyone, and usually the worst part is they are afraid that if they say anything their lives will end. That is why when Authors like Jessica Kristie comes along we all have ti highlight the research and work they put into the works of art they produce. Barbed-Wire Butterflies is just that kind of work.

Jessica didn’t just write a Novel about Human Trafficking but is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this book Published on Amazon to Courage Worldwide, an international non-profit organization that is building homes around the world for children rescued out of sex trafficking. Barbed-Wire Butterflies shows the atrocities children as young as 13 year old Elani Benjamin faces when they’re kidnapped and are required to do forced-Labor under abhorrent conditions. Can you imagine you or your child having to live through such a thing? The uncertainty of ever having to see home and family again. That is what these children and adults who are trafficked each day face.

I personally applaud Jessica for her work, for the time she took to write this masterpiece and sharing it with the world in order to dedicate it to a cause of this magnitude. She joins the ranks of many who are actively helping to combat human trafficking, adding another voice to those who are saying stop. Support not only this author, but the cause of fighting human trafficking by purchasing your copy of Barbed-wire Butterflies or gifting it to someone whom you know would enjoy benefiting from this book.

Hello again

More positive news coming soon. I have been on a vacation of sorts, mentally. But I am ready to get back to work on all 3 blogs. Be on the lookout for more positive news coming as soon as I find them or make them up. The way the year started we all need a smile 🙂 and there it is. That;s min though, go get your own and show it up. Here’s to a prosperous 2013 for us all.