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Come see what Alpha has done and how we can help. If you think your business can be a cost effective resource to business owners, feel free to send  a note to discuss your inclusion in Alphaxiom. Marketing has just begun on the site with the resources already gathered and more will be added on interim basis. When you browse the site you will notice that it is not just about business, but about building. I’ve included everything which also amounts to charities and such. I made Alphaxiom abridge to just about everything, a community driven engine that seeks to help business owners, small businesses, upstarts, and anyone in between.

I am even working on adding a virtual bookstore We are pure awesome and getting better. Alphaxiom already includes a business directory that you can add your business to or find resources. We are using passive marketing techniques now, but will soon go on an aggressive marketing campaign once I feel everything is laid out and ready to go 1000%. Right now I am checking, rechecking, rerechecking and will check some more to make sure everything is as it should be.

Alphaxiom is definitely revolutionary. Built on less than $500 and our finished prices will reflect that. The best part is, our quality will not suffer because of it. Please keep in mind that Most resources you find on our page belongs to other businesses and we do not have control over what they do; we did however seek out the most cost effective resources we could and brought them to business owners in one place. Startup companies no longer need to go scraping the web as everything they need to get going is or at least will be here soon enough.


Your feedback and comments are always welcome

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