Some Authors Go Deeper: Barbed-Wire Butterflies by Jessica Kristie

Barbed-Wire ButterfliesHuman Trafficking is a big problem the world over. Every day someone is kidnapped or shipped across the waters to end up a servant, unwilling worker, or worse on a distant shore. They never know anyone, they cannot count on anyone, and usually the worst part is they are afraid that if they say anything their lives will end. That is why when Authors like Jessica Kristie comes along we all have ti highlight the research and work they put into the works of art they produce. Barbed-Wire Butterflies is just that kind of work.

Jessica didn’t just write a Novel about Human Trafficking but is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this book Published on Amazon to Courage Worldwide, an international non-profit organization that is building homes around the world for children rescued out of sex trafficking. Barbed-Wire Butterflies shows the atrocities children as young as 13 year old Elani Benjamin faces when they’re kidnapped and are required to do forced-Labor under abhorrent conditions. Can you imagine you or your child having to live through such a thing? The uncertainty of ever having to see home and family again. That is what these children and adults who are trafficked each day face.

I personally applaud Jessica for her work, for the time she took to write this masterpiece and sharing it with the world in order to dedicate it to a cause of this magnitude. She joins the ranks of many who are actively helping to combat human trafficking, adding another voice to those who are saying stop. Support not only this author, but the cause of fighting human trafficking by purchasing your copy of Barbed-wire Butterflies or gifting it to someone whom you know would enjoy benefiting from this book.


Ode to the Most powerful Being On Earth

With this Powerful force of Nature we wouldn’t be here. One of the Simplest and most amazing forms on the face of the Planet. She comes in Various shapes sizes and colors. Yet her job still remains the same; to bear the children of the world and to love them Unconditionally.

What makes her so powerful are the adversities she has had to face, even from her own children.There are those who would seek to mute her precious voice even knowing that she is the teacher of the world. Those who would use her for sport, knowing they came from her. And those careless ones who would end her life without considering their breath is because of her. While we celebrate all things we’ve made, we forget the thing that made us and limit her to one day as she grows and multiplies.

When the most Powerful being on Earth is silent for too long, the world falls apart. Only when she stands is the world walking in the right direction because her guidance and her ways are fundamentally perfect. They say a child’s word for God is Mother.

Yet we forget, when we sit down at a table with these powerful beings that we owe our lives, our respect, and our loyalty for the 9 months we were as close to her as we could be to anything else. For 9 months we are formed within her. And yet still she maintains her grace.

There are even those who belittle this powerful being. They say she’s worth less than they, yet they come from her. They say all manner of things in order to keep her power locked away and hidden from their site for fear of losing themselves. With one word she could dispel anything they can do to her, but she remains calm in order to preserve the illusion her children have built up.

This, the woman is the most powerful being on the face of the world. No man could do what she does daily, nor feel the pain she does. Even as she forgets herself and chases after the things that men do, she maintains her dignity, questioning until she gives in. The most powerful being on Earth is Necessary in the continuation of the world, and necessary in the conscience of the world since she is built with love and for peaceful solutions.

When she watches her corrupted siblings she weeps for the ones they touch and how they surrender to their corruption. Yet she maintains her balance and her beauty. The most powerful being on Earth are the women of the world. The same mothers who taught us all to be men and women, that in turn some of us can become more than just what we see.

When you pass one of these powerful creatures, remember the reverence owed – Even God has said it as a matter of speaking. “Mother is a child’s word for God.” What other being do you know that is more Powerful than God.