The 2012 – 2013 Failure of the Justice System

George Zimmerman! How does a man stalk, start a fight with, kills a teenager, and claim self-defense and then walk after the evidence has been presented? Be white in any town and kill a black person of any gender, age, or stature. It’s been proven again and again, and contrary to what white America says. Racism just showed itself as being very much alive. Sad to write this but I had to. I no longer believe in the justice system as anything just.

I suppose the answers should be forthcoming, but that joke of a trial was a sad joke. Try to prove me wrong and I’ll show you the eulogy of Emitt Till and Trayvon Martin and others unreported.


TYT: EPIC FAIL by Police in Trayvon Martin Investigation [©TYT Network]

LOL, after viewing this report on the Trayvon Martin case I was on the floor. I know, I know I’m supposed to report and be fair, but this is hilarious and it puts things into perfect perspective. Please Keep in mind that the language used is explicit and shows the rage of the reporter, enjoy the case.

George Zimmerman after Trayvon Martin: A Problem for the Legal System

Trayvon Martin - Million Hoodies March 2012 089

Trayvon Martin - Million Hoodies March 2012 089 (Photo credit: calvinfleming)

I’m going to be fair. Let’s say we know nothing except that George Zimmerman ended up killing, Trayvon Martin. A month later everyone is crying for an arrest and or George Zimmerman’s head. This creates a serious problem because the FBI not only has to either arrest, detain, or release this man, but see that whatever they do they keep him safe. It is the law that even prisoners are guaranteed safety. But what would really happen if he was arrested?

Trayvon Martin - Million Hoodies March 2012 020

Trayvon Martin - Million Hoodies March 2012 020 (Photo credit: calvinfleming)

George Zimmerman is without a doubt, the Most wanted man in America and Probably the world right now. Where would they jail him, where would they put him, if they release him where would he go?

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The Problem the legal system (FBI, not Sanford PD) has is not about arresting or not arresting George Zimmerman. The problem is what to do with George Zimmerman. By now every Gang probably has a hit on him, the New Black Panthers put up a reward for his capture (The only reward we know of), in most jails he would not be safe. I’m left to wonder if the police can even release the tapes of what happened because of the backlash.

One of the biggest problems if the memory of Emmett Till, which has resurfaced in light of what happened. Many compare what happened to what happened to Emmett Till to the killing of Trayvon Martin. The memory and questions surrounding the events of that night, the way the Sanford PD handled things, and the current lack of an arrest have many people antsy and wanting justice; social ingredients that do not go together well.

Many are questioning the lack of an arrest. There are so many new developments and irrelevant attacks on the character of both Zimmerman and Trayvon, which seems like a legal battle being fought through the media. But I have to ask. Would George Zimmerman be safe if he was arrested? Has the demand for Justice made George Zimmerman un-arrestable? My opinion for one thing is that his life in FLA and probably the United States is over. There is no safe place for him there. So the only question is; what to do with George Zimmerman?

Trayvon Martin Murder: How is There Any Self Defense Built In?


I am by Legal Standards and Untrained ear. And I could hear the voice of Trayvon Martin yelling for help. The reports from FLA officials is that they do not know who was yelling for help. He is also Unarmed and was shot in the Chest. Where does self defense come in. To date, weeks after being murdered by George Zimmerman, there is no arrest or detainment. In other words, a teen was murdered in FLA and because of incompetence the killer is walking around still free.

You can hear the Tapes in this Open Letter to Trayvon Martin

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Now me, I refuse to call it less than what it is; Murder! A teen walking home slowly during the night does not cry suspicion because he has Brown skin as opposed to beige skin. An unarmed teen should not be shot to death and then have his murderer parading around as if he did something good. The man should be in jail, or being brought up on trial as I type, yet he remains free weeks after murdering Trayvon Martin.

Now someone tell me why ABC did a better job than the Sanford Police Department. They have uncovered evidence and a possible witness that the police department never questioned. Trayvon Martin’s Girlfriend who was on the phone with him at the time of his Murder. There is also a missed incident as the FBI took over the case, this could turn this into a Hate Crime. Worse yet, the Sanford PD sent a narcotics investigator to the scene instead of a Homicide detective. One thing for sure, things need to change as to the unequal treatment and profiling African Americans get in this Country.