Common vs Drake who would guess

“Make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake.” That’s how Common’s dis ends. And that’ how the world of hip hop got turned upside down.

For me, this little rap battle is strange. I don’t know about ya’ll. But these are two of the nicest guys in the music industry. Yeah, Drake trieshis hard act on stage and for the public but we all know he is a guy that lives through emotions. Common, he’s just common. A guy who hangs out in church while filming, talk to his fans face to face every chance he gets and so on. So what happened?

Nobody except those close to the two of them know. There is a lot pf speculation that it has something to do with Serena Williams (tied to Common for years). Kind of makes sense. But I am not going to join the speculative party. But if this rap battle is over Serena then it is definitely worth it.

To show how the hip hop world and music industry is impacted. People who know them both are simply saying these two need to stop. That alone says it all. I mean seriously, you’d expect this from Jay z, fifty, eminem, or one of those other rappers. But Drake and Common? I’m definitely at a loss on this on.

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Spending Time With the Future

My future with the Dragon

When times comes to hang with the future take it. There is no better time than the present. So when my daughter asked me to go to a local basketball game there was no way I was going to say no; Plus she was being honored for being one of the top students in her class along with other classmates.

Sure it wasn’t the NBA, but the score was decent and the game-play didn’t disappoint. Yeah the home team lost. Now as you can see by the picture to the left: Like all the other kids she was there for the mascots who had a very busy night. There was also cotton candy, hot dogs, and  popcorn. She had fun, I had fun. And I am happy to report she is still in good spirits. Enjoy the small clips of the legacy I am leaving the world.

She made sure she got this one

Hi World This is the Internet I’d like you to meet ~

Ha! Bet you thought I had someone already. Not so far fetched with the rise if technology, particularly the Internet.

One if the advantages of having the net so readily available is that you can become a superstar without agents. Just look at how many self-made singers and artists are now available for our enjoyment. I’m happy with it. No offense, but some of the singers out on the market today make my ears hurt.
When I get the rendition of some songs. I actually smile because there are people who actually make them sound good.

Me in particular for what I do Internet has made things a lot easier. I can now write a book and publish it myself, sorry agents, you wont be getting me to write an annoying query letter just to have you stare at it, read the lines and send that acceptance letter, along with the other piece of mail explaining the up front fees I gotta pay, or the nicely worded apology letter; ironically one I probably created freelance. Writers though can also take advantage of the new technological advances. Case in point; you’re reading something I used the Internet to create.
Back with more later, enjoy.

Say it ain’t so Celts: 0 – 3

0 - 3

First they lose to NY 😦 in a close game, 104 – 106 (L). Then they went and lost to Miami 😦 :(. And to make it a trifekta they lose to the Hornets minus CP3. What’s going on this year? Don’t get it twisted, they do seem to be paying some decent ball. Just not translating to wins. Could this have something to do with their sidelined leader, Paul Pierce?

Don’t know exactly what the missing ingredient is. But they do have Garnett, Ray Allen,

Poor Doc. He's in shock

and Rajon Rondo out there playing. That should be more than enough firepower to get things moving. The game against NY saw Rondo racking up 31 points and 13 assists and still a loss. Come on fellas, that should’ve been an automatic win. Show the little guy some love for his efforts. They did make a comeback after being down 15 early.


Whatever it is I hope they get it right by Friday. They are taking on a Detroit Pistons team that is just hitting their rebuilding phase and showing it. They haven’t won any games either. One of the teams is going to be without a win come Friday. You can bet I’ll be whooping it up for the Celts.

Farewell Heavy D – True Hip hop Legend

Hip Hop Icon dies at 44

Heavy, whose real name is Dwight Arrington Myers, died at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on November 8, 2011. A 911 call was made at 11:25 A.M. PT after the rapper fell unconscious on the walkway of his home. When paramedics arrived, he was conscious and able to communicate though experiencing trouble breathing. He was pronounced dead around an hour later.(Ace Entertainment, 2011)

On December 27, 2011 the medical reports were released. The cause of death is said to have been a blood clot in his lungs that may have occurred on his flight from London to LA.

The world of Hip Hop lost a literal giant. Personally one of my all-time favorite Hip Hop stars. The Icon made his mark in the entertainment industry without the violent themes used by most rappers and hip-hop stars of today and during his era. One of his biggest hits “Now that we found love” can still be heard ons some radio stations even today. Heavy D you will be missed.


Post Fifteen

As I stand on the verge of completing number fifteen

I thought, I think, I imagined

That I’d put it in a prose

and reflect on the last 14 or so

Now to make a milestone as I post the last of what is supposed to be

number fifteen

I imagined a topic so great so bold

That it would take pages and pages just to be told

I found solace in the fact that I could rhyme it out

instead of just another one of those that is just about

I wanted no subject

I wanted no abject

discussion of something profane

I wanted not to reason

no no, not with number fifteen

I just wanted it to be something creative

something that made me use my mind and be imaginitive

So I created a poem here tonight

a poem that reminded me I’m not that bright

look at the way the words are strung together

I bet even a child could do it better

But then again I wasn’t looking for quality was I

Just something that was pleasing to the eye

I wanted to feed the mind

so read, read again until it makes you wired

Let the words seduce

caress and even reduce

the things that bother you tonight

as you ponder the the reason for the words in a vertical line

Enjoy number fifteen

I’ve been considering it since number ten

and now it is a reality

Hope you enjoyed what comes next, we’ll see

NBA gets an ‘F’ on new efforts

When did the NBA team owners become BIG babies? I am listening to the news about two weeks ago. I hear about the trade for Chris Paul to the Lakers. I hear it get revoked by Commissions Stern. Why? Coby and Chris Paul would have made for great basketball. I was kind of Bummed by it although I’m a Celtics Fan.  Consequently there have been a few other boo moves by the NBA. They have turned back trades that would have made teams stronger. But now the Clippers will enjoy Chris Paul.

No Feeding Koby an Alley 😦

Whatever happened to winning or losing. To me this basically makes the NBA games suspect. Coaches and teams no longer have to make an effort in getting players because teams can’t be too uneven. Sorry, but to me you either do a better job at preparing or lose. Is it well deserved considering the players get paid so much. I don’t know about that one. But the new rules are going to take away from watching underdogs come in and get an upset win. As it is explained it’s all about making sure the Wealthier teams don’t take advantage of… Wait, take advantage? NBA officials, if you’re listening don’t do it. Stop getting in between team trades because some owners complain.

These are grown men playing basket ball. It’s a sport! They’re supposed to go out there and hit the hardwood in hopes of getting a W. There’s no whining in Basket ball. Well, apparently there was.. is.. You know what I mean. The owners whined and whined along with a few commentators about the teams being uneven until this abomination came about. Now we are going to see some doctored up rosters that makes things more competitive. I somehow miss that part being a former athlete. It takes a lot of credibility away from the game, planning, coaching and other aspects of the game. Basically the game is going to be played in David Stern’s office as he rejects trade after trade because it would make a tea too powerful. THAT’S WHAT COMPETITION IS ABOUT!!!! Ehem. Forget owner complaints of unfair and let the teams make trades to better themselves.

Yeah I have to wonder if we’ll be seeing more of this when guys win or lose. Head down, no not the proud kind. I wonder what all the guys who played before are saying? Imagine, you can’t play for a team because of a few bad trades. Ok, I admit, Lebron going to the heat along with Chris Bosh. Bad for other teams because Dwayne Wayde was already there. But come on, the problem was the way the trade went down. Not the trade itself. It added to the mystique of a team. Yes it sent a lot of endorsements there. But it was earned.

So what’s next I gotta ask. Here we now have the offices saying certain players can’t be on the same team because they’re too good to play together. Um, problem, that sucks eggs. That is the most idiotic excuse I’ve ever heard… No wait, there was Bill Clinton: Love the man, but… Anyway! Hearing these guys complain about too much talent or an overloaded team pretty much says the competition is over. To me, no matter who wins the championship it doesn’t matter. The game was not payed on the floor. The game was played by whining owners in offices. They couldn’t put a team together right so they complain and have the NBA corporate smooth things out. In my view that’s a pansy move. The NBA lost some street cred, lost my respect at least. Hopefully they open the floor to real competition again in the future.

For now we will have to settle for what the owners are starting to get. NBA officials putting their team together for them, players who won’t have to try so hard against better teams, and owners / wannabe coaches who can now take over their teams. Harlem Globe Trodders maybe able to play NBA ball soon enough. I see a lot of comedy one the rise in NBA basketball. Well enough of my whining. Back to the office the action’s not on the floor anymore. And no it’s not a rule yet, but if this trade and others are indications; they’re thinking about it… HARD!

Blessup – One love

Still Number 1 but... You used to play

Writing personality

Mr Droid again. I once had someone ask me if I could write with personality. No seriously! When I did something up he actually said it was too informal. I wanted to ask if it was a robotic personality he wanted. But knowing I may meet his personality requirements at some other point kept me quiet. Yap, I bit my tongue. It hurt!
I wonder though; do I take too much chances with what I write? I just don’t see the point in producing something stuffy and then actually trying to make a joke while presenting it. I am a very quiet person, but I have no problem telling you I’m about to yawn. I usually thought personality meant spice it up. But I digress.
These days as I put finger to keys, or pen to paper when they turn the lights out I realize I am enjoying life through creativity. I wonder if that makes me a god somewhere? Down God-fearers, just thinking while I type, I’m allowed, I think. Eitherway I asked.
Well, not wasting anymore of your braincells. I will stop myself here. I seem to be developing an ego the more I blog. I wonder if wordpress is getting me addicted to writing? Lol, I can see myself in writer’s ananimous. Thanks wordpress – hope I spelled your name wrong for this addictive practice. Poor droid phone and pc have to put up with my insanity and keyboarding so much.
What is your thought on my writing personality? Do I need a littitude adjustment or am I good?

Peace, blessings, n love.

Into the Vein: Eternities’ Ghost

Funny thing is When I took this Pic. It was just a pic... If you click here you go to the book and will be able to support my efforts

Don’t worry it is spelled right! I wanted to make it plural so I did. This is the third release of the series of ‘Into the Vein’. This hear pumping third mini release of the upcoming Novel reveals just a little more about what’s happening. This spell binding third minibook is some 50+ pages of mind numbing sequences that are just the beginning of everything.

Coming along I can see the evil eye I’m getting widening from one of my favorite characters. There’s still hope for her though. But I am a little pleased with the results. Keep in mind that these releases may be a bit different from the finished product. What I an planning to do is as I hone my writing skill, edit them accordingly. There will be elements added and subtracted.

I have to admit that writing this portion I actually gave myself chills because I could actually hear the characters interacting. It was insane to actually hear and see the action come alive. This particular piece is a bit more polished than the previous releases; in terms of writing and grammar. Had more beef to the content as well.  And yes, there is some of the content that is adult-eyes only. But the action and sequence of events make me a proud father to be of a very nice first-born novel. Now, as much as this may seem like it is the climax, you can only wish. There is much, much, much more to come as our heroes and heroins run through and entirely new playground. Am I happy with it. YUP!!! As you can imagine. I am ecstatic about the direction this book is taking and after reading I think you will too.

Also unlike the previous versions, which are wrapped up on Amazon. This is available in just about all ebook formats. Not leaving any body out. I will also be editing the other books while I work on the next minibook. I am having second thoughts about releasing the next one. But with three more minis to go I am not so sure it is a good idea to release anymore. Hehe make em wait. But What I will say is if I do release it everyone will be shocked at what happens next, and beleive me, it is not even close to the most alarming point.

Now Availability will be on Amazon soon. But the links I am providing should be enough. Happy reading, don’t forget to leave a review and rate the book.

What I am also doing is taking suggestions on how any sequence can be improved. Heck! I started releasing the unedited versions of the minibook so that you could follow along and be a part of this creation. But the best is yet to come. Below are the links to the books Happy reading.

1st Release – White Castle on Amazon kindle

2nd Release – Garden of the Ancient King Amazon kindle

3rd release – Eternities’ Ghost Smashword all eformats

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One Love!

A time for family

Believe in the Power of Love

That time for Family again

It’s that time again. The only Global holiday. A day where people get to come together and celebrate all over the world. Some of us celebrate the Messiah, some celebrate families, some celebrate returning families, while yet others contemplate the meaning of Christmas. The one lingering thing that has made sense to me is that it is a time when people come together and act nice. If you can’t try and see how good it feels. But it is definitely that time of year where we are all about to see those family members we haven’t seen all year. Enjoy it, embrace it, stop complaining about it being a religious holiday, no complaints about Santa, and definitely no hating on the gift giving. It is a day of enjoyment and family, put all the bickering aside and enjoy Christmas.

Yeshua (Jesus)

For many, Christmas is about the man called Yeshua (Named Jesus) his sacrifice and rebirth. For others still it is about gift giving. and receiving. Children love this time of year by the way. I wish we could all follow their example of un-debated joy at the year.  A time when family get together. Christmas has become about more than just one man. For some, it has also become more about family than it is about gift giving. Yes people go crazy shopping, but for those who don’t have the means. Just take the time and enjoy the company of family. Those are the gifts given to you a long time ago. That’s something no one could buy or pay enough to get.

Gathered together

For those of us who celebrate using Santa. It is the time of year for gifts definitely. We will be looking for those cookies and gift boxes under the tree. Try telling a child there’s no gifts this year. Those little faces will be down the stairs and under the Christmas tree faster than the lights could come on For them it is the time of year they wait for with baited breath. Well, not really wait since they’ve been telling us what they want all year. Now it’s time for them to see if we have been listening. I wish you all luck with that. For those who never really grew up, they will be waiting too. And for some of us who don’t want to be sleeping on the couch you better have been listening. No I don’t endorse the Lexus with a bow, or the diamond, or Jared (Sorry dude). Stay within your budget, if they don’t understand. I hope you really don’t like them. Otherwise you better be ready to go broke. Best advice I have for that sorry. For you who need motivation to get out and get a gift, there may be a gift waiting at home for you. So shop wisely!

Couldn't do it fellas - Might have kids reading this.

Around the world - Every nationality

For the soldiers returning home. Welcome back!For those around the world finally getting to put down your weapons, I hope you can enjoy it past Christmas. The last few years have been a rough spot and enough can’t be said about the men and women who do the work you do. We can only hope that one day the need for peace will out-pace the ambition of those who are the cause of wars. Your families and friends will be happy to see you home safe and hear you snoring from 2 rooms down. Don’t worry be loud, beleive me it is the best reason they will have for staying up covering their heads with a pillow. For those who did not come home. We will celebrate with your spirits hovering next to us. We will give thanks for what you have given for our safety. We will hold your families as our own. And the first glass of Eggnog is yours. Welcome home to you too. You will never be forgotten. Not by family, not by the ones who were forced to take what is yours, and not by the people within your countries. Welcome home one and all. Merry Christmas to you and merry Christmas to your families enjoy each other to the max.


Whatever reason you have for celebrating Christmas. Just take time to enjoy the feeling of family. Take time to enjoy every sound, the fun, the time well spent, the gifts you receive, the praises you give, or giving your presence so someone could enjoy you. It is that time of year to forget problems exist and show that you have a warm fun side. This is the time of year to create miracles or watch them happen. This is the time of year for peace on earth and good will onto each other. Let the spirit of Christmas take you and mold you for the next year. Be kind be good. Give peace on earth and good will to your fellow men. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Where’s Tiny Tim

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