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I gotta say yes, Corey Booker, the most Innovative politician to hit the mainstream has done some outright outrageous things in his career. When we speak of things people like President Lincoln is supposed to have done, this man is doing t today, honesty being the thing in question; far as I can tell anyway. But what I’m here to talk about is his way of generating income for New Jersey through a line of Jewelry that is both rare and awe inspiring.

Corey Booker has launched a line of Jewelry made from guns and bullets gotten from the HIS city’s “gun buyback program’. According to – Booker told Maddow that “a large percentage of the proceeds go to more gun buy-backs in Newark.” (Buzzfeed)

Read the story by following the link and Google… As to Cory Booker, keep exemplifying what the American Politician should strive to be. And thank you for being a great example of what we should do.

Is Corey Booker the best Politician that has Ever lived?