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I gotta say yes, Corey Booker, the most Innovative politician to hit the mainstream has done some outright outrageous things in his career. When we speak of things people like President Lincoln is supposed to have done, this man is doing t today, honesty being the thing in question; far as I can tell anyway. But what I’m here to talk about is his way of generating income for New Jersey through a line of Jewelry that is both rare and awe inspiring.

Corey Booker has launched a line of Jewelry made from guns and bullets gotten from the HIS city’s “gun buyback program’. According to – Booker told Maddow that “a large percentage of the proceeds go to more gun buy-backs in Newark.” (Buzzfeed)

Read the story by following the link and Google… As to Cory Booker, keep exemplifying what the American Politician should strive to be. And thank you for being a great example of what we should do.

Is Corey Booker the best Politician that has Ever lived?


Slavery was a Blessing for Which Black People on What Planet?

I’ve been hearing about this report for days and just couldn’t believe my ears or eyes when I actually read it. Arkansas House of Representatives, Republican, Jon Hubbard states in his 2008 book, Slavery was a Blessing in disguise for Blacks,and another that states,Charlie Fuqua, who served in the Arkansas House from 1996 to 1998, wrote there is ‘no solution to the Muslim problem short of expelling all followers of the religion from the United States,’ in his 2012 book, titled ‘God’s Law.’ (Arkansas, Republican House Candidate, Charlie Fuqua). The Idiot goes on to say “African Americans must ‘understand that even while in the throes of slavery, their lives as Americans are likely much better than they ever would have enjoyed living in sub-Saharan Africa.’
Now, hearing this, these books were written in 2008 and in 2012. I’ve also heard the Supreme Court is looking to Demolish Affirmative Action because as they say, “Black Americans no longer need it.”  Seeing that Fuqua wrote his book THIS YEAR, and Hubbard wrote his book in 2008; what is the Supreme Court smoking? More importantly, with these views, other politicians taking one on the chin for the party in the Early goings of the year to remind white voters of who to vote for, no doubt. What is the motive and aim of the Supreme Court? With views like these still rampant, why would anyone think there is any equality?

We have Republicans trying to distance themselves from fuqua and hubbard, but let’s be serious. Are they the only ones who think the way they are? I would venture to say there is an effort to save face in light of the coming election. As for these delusional men, I would tell them to take a serious look at what Fredrick Douglass wrote, or any number of African Americans from the days of Slavery.
As for the assertion that we are somehow better off in American than we would have been in the Sub-Saharra, I think they need a history lesson. Africa had many thriving communities at the time of the slave trades decimated by the incursion. Entire civilizations were wiped out by the activities of the African, European, and Arabic governments involved.

Man, I gotta stop. I hate idiots and those who think like them. Read the whole report for yourself if you haven’t seen it yet. As for Arkansas, dam shame you have someone like Hubbard actually holding an office because those words are tantamount to a hate crime in and of itself. He should be removed from office the minute this came out, and the other moron running for office, hope he meets some people in DC that shows him how good slavery is. Read the report

We have Racists running the country, grown ass racists and the Supreme Court seems to think Affirmative Action is no longer necessary. Something don’t smell right. NRA might be right about some things after all. Going for my permit soon, cause none of this smells right. IJS

VOTE 2012


Hey all. Make sure you go register to vote this year. The time is almost over and the stage is almost set. Doesn’t matter who or what you’re voting for, your voice is going to be heard through the voting system. And don;t say you don’t know where to go. I just provided the link. All you do is choose your state, fill in a short form, print it, sing it, mail it and you’re all set. Don’t skimp because you gotta mail it either, this is important.

Just remember to make the best choice, Obama, :p, kidding. When you go to the polls don’t be intimidated by anyone. Place your vote for the candidate of your choice, the cause of your choice and vote down anything you see fit to vote down. Doesn’t matter what anybody says, your choice is how you make your voice heard and we definitely need to be heard this year more than ever. In fact, there are a few seats in a few courts that needs replacing, too bad we don’t get to vote there. But we can influence who gets chosen by getting out to vote.

I’ve heard of a few ridiculous new measures set up to block voters from voting. My advice, if it happens, complain early, talk to the media, take it to your twitter account, your facebook account and or any social media account you hold. Can’t keep us quiet about wrong doing, complain early, and don’t forget your right to sue in instances where you’re discriminated against for any reason. Oh right, don’t forget your trusty phone cam for proof, and your middle finger just to say hello to those who choose to discriminate for any reason.

Welp, that be it for me. Please, no drunk voting, vote responsibly. I know I’ve been hearing people say the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are horrible; nice way of saying what I heard lol. Hey, there are other choices don’t get fooled because they’re all you see. Look for other candidates on Youtube and social media. But anyway. I gotta go to my 9 – 5 and I’m leaving you this message. Yes, this one is actually serious. Go Register to vote. Go now!

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and make sure you vote some more. If they’ll let you vote 10 times do it. Kidding, you can only vote once, lol, shame, but yes that’s it, too many people voting and it just wouldn’t be fair. But go vote in November Primaries and be ready for the real deal when we elect a president and vote on issues affecting out community. I think I’m gonna run for governor in the next election. Vote for me now. :0)

One Love ya’ll

Alpha ~ Meta


Cause You Fix Problems by only Seeing the Problem?


Cause comes to mind when I think about problems. But as I look on there seem to be some great focus being thrown at the problems we all face today. That is a big problem where humanity is concerned, worldwide. The problem of looking at problem and not the cause is that it leaves us all wide opened for catastrophic mishaps. It also allows hidden agendas to affect us when we need to be affecting it. The problem with seeing only the problem is that the band-aid mentality we’ve been working with for the past few millenia does not seem to be working. So the question is, are we really going to keep focusing on problems rather than cause?

The causes of a problem usually are hidden in murky waters, directing our focus toward the problem that’s directly in our face. Here’s the kicker. The cause is usually masking a more diabolical plot that we do not see. Most often we clear up the problem and start smiling and ignoring the cause, in fact, 99% of the causes are still in place. When those causes decide to produce yet another problem it is usually in spades.

So what are the causes of some of the problems we’re Seeing? How can we address them without getting distracted by the problems? Fact is, if we keep solving problems without taking care of the causes we’re going to continually have problems. We need to begin, as a community, to address the underlying causes, we need to become problem solvers in the deepest of sense before we’re over-run by what we’ve been ignoring for centuries.
The abject lessons we face daily, the hardships, hunger, they all have an underlying cause, which has gone ignored for generations because we have failed to look deep. We do this, shamefully, because it is not affecting us. Yet we cry out when it does and then gets complacent when we move by it. We need to solve societies problems by critical thinking, holding those responsible accountable, and holding our elected officials accountable; and also holding ourselves accountable. But we cannot continue solving problems without dealing with the causes. Taking into consideration the recent outbreaks of violence; we can no longer be complacent to place our security solely on the shoulders of government officials either. We must HELP to determine what is best for OUR security, not just surrender our FREEDOM because the suggested security measures seem good.

We have to get out of the habit of problem solving and become Solutions to the CAUSES of problems. Hope I made sense to you all. There are reasons I’m posting this and they should be evident within your lives, within your communities, within the lives of people you know. Stop solving problems and start being solutions to the causes of problems. We have beautiful minds, start using them.


Author Interview: Dr. Eugene Walton African Immigrants and African Americans: Community or Conflict?

I’ve just done an interview with Dr Eugene Wilson who has written what is arguably the most powerful book of 2012. See the interview and then trust me purchase the book. Well worth the read. Should be a requirement for all African and African American educational facilities.

Author Interview: Dr. Eugene Walton African Immigrants and African Americans: Community or Conflict?.

Monday Aug 6th is Jamaica Independence day

With the Jamaican Independence coming on Monday, all kinds of good things are happening right now. There are shows planned, speeches, and awards being given to extraordinary individuals and organizations. Need I mention our runners in the Olympics this year, I think that’s just fate, I see Gold going back a yaad. One of the most recent things to happen however is the ICS being honored by the U.S. State Department for their exceptional work advocating for Caribbean Americans in the U.S.

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) was among a select group of organizations that were honored by the U.S. State Department and the White House on Friday, July 27.
At a ceremony held at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, ICS Founder and President Dr. Claire Nelson was recognized for ICS’ work advancing partnerships between members of the Diaspora and the public/private sector. ICS has been central in promoting the Caribbean development agenda and promoting awareness about National Caribbean American Heritage Month.
During her remarks, Dr. Nelson highlighted ICS most recent work in promoting youth entrepreneurship through LifeSEED, its empowerment and entrepreneurship program.ICS is also working with the State Department on an upcoming program about the Caribbean sea.
Watch the entire proceeding below.
Go ICS, these are people effecting real change and doing something positive for all Caribbeans. Show some love. Visit them and send them a message of support for their efforts. Will definitely be back again with more on the Jamaica Independence. Congratulations to the Institute of Caribbean Studies for this great Honor ceremony they were a part of.

Romney Advisor’s Comments: Racism in Politcs continue

If you’re African-American, Hispanic American, Indian American, or anything other than a White American, reading this could be a double-open palmed-slap in the face, on both cheeks.

“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have”Get the Full Yahoo Report

Reading it, the only thing I could say was OUCH. For one thing, I don’t have any inheritance or relations to the Anglo-Saxons. Maybe he thought that kind of blatantly racist statement would affect only President Obama, Whose father is from Kenya by the way, but come on, think clearly here for a minute, we’re all here. What I get from this insensitive comment is that all other “races” except whites are excluded from the American society; I’m sure Jim Crow would be proud of that statement.

Dam Shame

Jamaica Sets its Sites on 50 Years of Independence


Русский: Флаг Ямайки Slovenščina: državna zast...

Русский: Флаг Ямайки Slovenščina: državna zastava Jamajke “The Sun shineth, the land is green, and the people are strong and bold” is the symbolism of the colours of the flag. BLACK represents the strength and creativity of the people; GREEN represents hope and agricultural resources; GOLD represents the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For all you Islanders out there on the lookout for the annual Independence day celebrations of the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica is about to turn 50 next month. Jamaicans everywhere are already gearing up for the celebrations, or at least should be aware of it, have been wrong before. What are you planning with August quickly approaching?


On August 6, 1962 Jamaica was officially given independence from British Rule. We have just celebrated the American Independence on July 4th; was everybody under British rule? Geez. Anyway, Jamaica is about to turn 50, as we like to say back home. 50 years of self government, 50 years of Jamaica being Jamaica for the people and not a colony.


One of the more modern and popular voices, Dr. Claire Nelson, can be found at Institute of Caribbean Studies spends countless hours before Congress on the behalf of the Entire Caribbean diaspora. They advocate for social change and involvement in the Life of Caribbeans in and around the United States. If you’re from any of the Islands of the Caribbean, get to know ICS and Dr. Nelson. You can find information and celebrations being held on the ICS website or give them a call to find out what they’re doing to celebrate Jamaica’s anniversary.


As we also know, Jamaica is a land of diverse people, being Jamaican, I also know the slogan; “Out of Many One People.” Proudly expressed by any Jamaican you meet and ask them. Personally I will be watching for every single bit of information passed out, speeches, celebrations held worldwide; what can I say, I love the internet and readily available information I can find here. Why have it if we’re not going to use it properly?

If I have Jamaican readers, yail mi up no; or readers from the Caribbean or those of you interested in Jamaica or the rest of the Caribbean, please feel free to send me a message through the contact page with anything I can help you with. Please also feel free to leave me a message through the comment section. Trust me, spammers do it all the time. But anyway, to all Caribbean peoples, one love to all Caribbeans everywhere. Nuff love to all else.

Want to highlight your Island’s independence day here. Let me know all about it when it comes up.






President Obama and The Case of The Mysterious Birth Critificate…. AGAIN?

Barack Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re not sick of it yet; read here

An Arizona’s Mericopa Sheriff, Arpaio, Again, joined by his Chief investigator, Mike Zullo are back with claims that his birth certificate is a fake… But wait, they also interviewed a 95 year old State worker who signed President Obama’s Birth Certificate o_O. Uhm, investigation sound suspect yet?

Meanwhile, Hawaii continues to affirm the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth in Hawaii. But, I guess the word of Hawaii, his birthplace, is not enough for Arizona. But wait, maybe there’s another reason: The Arizona Democratic Party said in a statement that Arpaio’s investigation is intended to draw attention away from problems within his own agency, such as hundreds of sex-crime cases that the sheriff’s office failed to adequately investigate over a three-year period (Yahoo News). Well I’ll be danged. So join the political party and chase a birth certificate when you haven’t done enough to investigate people being assaulted. Good one Joe.

Now the Obvious; if a U.S. State worker filled out his Birth Certificate; duh, seems Arizona and a few republicans just need to accept the fact that there’s a Black Man in the White House; yeah I said it; and as I’ve often heard of the African Diaspora from people like those chasing his birthplace needlessly; GET OVER IT!!

After seeing Mitt’s version of, um, Obamacare, only thing I can call the wreck he left here in MA, and what he’s been talking about. The only thing I have to say is, Obama 2012.