Hollywood Goes to Sanford Florida: George Zimmerman rescues family

Right after his acquittal, Child Killer, George Zimmerman just happened to happen up on a family overturned on the Highway and stopped, despite feeling endangered to rescue a family of 4, two adults, two children. Miraculously, no one in the OVERTURNED vehicle was hurt or even made it to the hospital it seems. 2 kids 2 adults, seems the only thing missing from the scene was a lovable puppy. I’d imagine they could’ve been more creative, but why bother. They were able to put on a mock trial, why not cap it off with a mock rescue.

Man do we need a riot in Sanford. You can read the entire disturbing article here 😦 RIP trayvon Martin.


The 2012 – 2013 Failure of the Justice System

George Zimmerman! How does a man stalk, start a fight with, kills a teenager, and claim self-defense and then walk after the evidence has been presented? Be white in any town and kill a black person of any gender, age, or stature. It’s been proven again and again, and contrary to what white America says. Racism just showed itself as being very much alive. Sad to write this but I had to. I no longer believe in the justice system as anything just.

I suppose the answers should be forthcoming, but that joke of a trial was a sad joke. Try to prove me wrong and I’ll show you the eulogy of Emitt Till and Trayvon Martin and others unreported.


Image representing Cory Booker as depicted in ...

I gotta say yes, Corey Booker, the most Innovative politician to hit the mainstream has done some outright outrageous things in his career. When we speak of things people like President Lincoln is supposed to have done, this man is doing t today, honesty being the thing in question; far as I can tell anyway. But what I’m here to talk about is his way of generating income for New Jersey through a line of Jewelry that is both rare and awe inspiring.

Corey Booker has launched a line of Jewelry made from guns and bullets gotten from the HIS city’s “gun buyback program’. According to Buzzfeed.com – Booker told Maddow that “a large percentage of the proceeds go to more gun buy-backs in Newark.” (Buzzfeed)

Read the story by following the link and Google… As to Cory Booker, keep exemplifying what the American Politician should strive to be. And thank you for being a great example of what we should do.

Is Corey Booker the best Politician that has Ever lived?

Dear Microsoft – Another Windows 8 Complaint

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Image via CrunchBase


Windows 8 Sucks. Remember when you made Vista and people lived through it. You may or may not make it through the return after people go back to Windows 7. I will admit I am in love with windows 7, but after trying to help someone get windows 8 working and updated I had to write this little hate-mail to you. Can you imagine trying to sort through that mess? That should’ve been left on the cellphone system they ripped off.


On the next update you have, windows 8 service pack 2, bring back the old system where we have the start page at the bottom. The other problem is surfing and then all of a sudden your screen zips to another because you moved your finger across the mouse screen. What the hell is that? It’s a great function for the Smartphone, but on a PC where you’re trying to type something and then click on something else… I can’t really use the words I want here. Just picture them.


Update settings? Uuhhhhhh – Can even your IT department find them? I have gone through this entire thing trying to find the settings. Never mind that even the supposed control panel is a mess of virtual / visual gibberish. It’s a terrible, horrible, mortifying thing that you’ve created. I can’t believe after putting them on some machines places like Best Buy, Walmart, and other stores where they sell PCs didn’t revert to Windows 7.


And ohhh yes, setting up windows 8 from the store… Why in the world would anyone want to setup an account and give everyone access to their email? Can you imagine setting up a client PC, they want you to use your settings so that you manage all upgrades, they go to their email and BAM, you’re the one there. CAN YOU SAY SECURITY RISK? By far, this is the worst operating system you’ve come up with. IJS. In Closing, revert to the windows 7 on the next update platform PLEASE… Waiting to see windows 9, hopefully nothing like 8. Goodbye


Merry Sad Christmas

Still feeling sad about what happened not more than an hour from where I live in Newtown CT. This is one I won’t be able to fully celebrate because of the feelings associated. There is just so much to hear about the ceremonies going on right now. Children being laid to rest before their parents. When you get together this Christmas, no matter where you are, give a full moment of silence for the victims one and all. Right now it is the only thing that matters seeing that these people will have to try to live through this holiday and the new year without hearing the little laughter and packages ripping. Blessings

New Year’s Resolution 2013

It’s that time again. Time to lay out my plans for the upcoming year. To show the world what I’m about to do. Last year I laid out my New Year’s Resolution to complete a novel, Into the Vein. Guess what? I did finish it, published it myself, and actually completed a second book, Unlocking Your Success Gene after that. Coincidentally I also Coauthored VIP and VIP 2 along with Jerrice Owens and a few Authors. As you’ve seen I have started a few blogs, gotten a little noteriety, developed my graphic skills above horrible, and learned a little marketing. So what happens now? I’m still an unknown Author right?

That’s what happens next. Beginning in December I will be making a shift to become a successful and well known Author. The books I wanted are done and I am currently working on Books 3, which is due in December, an erotic thriller. Following that will be yet another one due in April, and another due in December of 2013. BUT in 2013 I will also be compiling a book of poetry that has been sitting in the library of Congress for a few years. I’ll finally finish the other pieces and add them all together.

I also want to work on being visible and marketing myself. Starting in January I will be releasing a few Press Releases either through PRNewswire.com or Prweb.com, I haven’t chosen which one yet. I’ve also created my own Book order forms and Product description sheets for ITV and Success Gene, which you can view on my Facebook fan page, don’t forget to click like and stay up to date. What I plan on doing is going out to Bookstores to get the paperbacks in print and out in stores for your convenience. I will also be getting myself ready to show up at the stores that purchase my books to sign books for the owners. I plan on being on hand to sign the copies that are sold for the first few weekends days. If you’re a bookstore owner local to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, or Vermont you may want to get in contact before I start my marketing campaign. One thing I have done to get things set up was to contact the CL3 Agency to be my Promoters. By August 2013 I plan on being in every bookstore within the Continental United States and Canada, and looking to break into the International markets. August 2013 is my target date for full recognition and full attainment of the work I’m putting into motion now.

Also I plan on creating a full, cost effective way to help Indie authors, unknown authors, and others break into the market. As wordpress has been limiting the amount of data that can be put onto their free pages I’m finding that I will need to upgrade to keep doing this. As I earn more and am able to stay home from sales I plan on being more effective with the Author interviews I offer, my way of giving back to everyone by presenting new authors and books to readers.

As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 begins to wind into existence it is time to start putting things out there. These are the first of my New Years Resolution.  Look for my books on Amazon, author’s page. Next year more people will know who I am. I will be in bookstores and on your shelves and I’m looking forward to presenting you with books to entertain your senses. Hollywood is just a step after that.


Clean Up for the Christmas Season Farmington Valley CT

If you live in the Farmington Valley, CT, Greater Hartford area, or Enfield and need a cleaning service for the Holidays this may be the one you need. Just thought I’d share for the busy season. Happy Holidays.

Clean Up for the Christmas Season Farmington Valley CT.

Daryl Davis: Showing the Way Toward True Integration

Unbelievable, I love the initiative of Daryl Davis. When I first read the title My eyes popped open wide. But after actually taking the time to listen to what Daryl Davis had to say it sunk in. While Some are calling this man an Uncle Tom or whatever else, he’s doing what should be done in the first place. Open up a dialogue to understand where the hatred came from and what could be done about it. Bold step, bold move, understanding what is considered the enemy and hoping to end the tide of violence from that side at least… You be the judge

A Case of Writing and Marketing

Have you visited my Author’s Blogs yet? If not, click the link here and be redirected. If you’re an avid reader you can enjoy reading posts of Author interview, a few book reviews, interviews with characters, and for those of you who know me, interviews with myself. Oh yah, I do that. Of course I continue as I usually do and have some help for Authors as well as material for readers by bringing new authors in every genre.

For the Reader – There will be New Indie Authors, Drama authors, some Romance, African American Literature, African American Authors, Main stream authors (as I build) and a Book Portal for those of you who just want the books without the entertainment. Yeah I like you too, as long as you purchase or download an ebook. This Blog will be loaded with everything you need to entertain that perfectly good brain of yours. Over the next few weeks be on the lookout for changes and interviews. If you know an author you’d like showcased mention the Writer’s Block, with Alphawriter and get them showcased. Take some times to browse more than the opening pages, leave comments for the authors showcased if you like them. Drop me a note or a comment anywhere.

The Book portal features so far only 3 titles, Dr Eugene Walton’s, African Immigrants and African Americans, a well researched documentary.  As participating authors join the ranks the shelf will grow giving you a solid collection of readings that will be rotated on a regular basis of upto 100 titles at a time.
For the Author – The much needed fodder for the fire. I have a plethora of services to help you get some recognition. One of those is a Free reciprocal Blog interview exchange. This helps both of us by providing access to each other’s reader base. While some consider it competition I consider it an endorsement of sorts, introducing your own readers to another author and I to mine. Alone we’re small, but together we are larger. There are also marketing packages sold with the Free interview and Book reviews that can help you and everyone who comes on there. Marketing is done and is being done to help situate Aphauthor Blog to explode soon enough.
Bragging Rights – I have to mention this. Contacted by a marketing company that saw, Unlocking Your Success Gene and rated 7 out of 10
What’s next – Purchasing Books and getting ready to market to bookstores directly, that’s right. I’ve started purchasing my Paperbacks from Createspeace.com Once those are in I will be going around to bookstores local to MA, CT, RI, and NY in order to get the word out about my books. I’m also offering FREE book signings as part of the package if Bookstores order directly from me. If they go through Creatspace they can also contact me directly to let me know when they plan on putting the titles on sale and I will do my best to show up on one of the weekend days. Sort of Meet the Author for Bookstores to help them sell what they’ve purchased. You can also book me for speaking events or signings by getting in touch with the CL3 Agency, visit their site and use the contact button. Order forms are available by contacting me from this or the Author Website. Looking forward to becoming a new choice for your bookshelf.




Slavery was a Blessing for Which Black People on What Planet?

I’ve been hearing about this report for days and just couldn’t believe my ears or eyes when I actually read it. Arkansas House of Representatives, Republican, Jon Hubbard states in his 2008 book, Slavery was a Blessing in disguise for Blacks,and another that states,Charlie Fuqua, who served in the Arkansas House from 1996 to 1998, wrote there is ‘no solution to the Muslim problem short of expelling all followers of the religion from the United States,’ in his 2012 book, titled ‘God’s Law.’ (Arkansas, Republican House Candidate, Charlie Fuqua). The Idiot goes on to say “African Americans must ‘understand that even while in the throes of slavery, their lives as Americans are likely much better than they ever would have enjoyed living in sub-Saharan Africa.’
Now, hearing this, these books were written in 2008 and in 2012. I’ve also heard the Supreme Court is looking to Demolish Affirmative Action because as they say, “Black Americans no longer need it.”  Seeing that Fuqua wrote his book THIS YEAR, and Hubbard wrote his book in 2008; what is the Supreme Court smoking? More importantly, with these views, other politicians taking one on the chin for the party in the Early goings of the year to remind white voters of who to vote for, no doubt. What is the motive and aim of the Supreme Court? With views like these still rampant, why would anyone think there is any equality?

We have Republicans trying to distance themselves from fuqua and hubbard, but let’s be serious. Are they the only ones who think the way they are? I would venture to say there is an effort to save face in light of the coming election. As for these delusional men, I would tell them to take a serious look at what Fredrick Douglass wrote, or any number of African Americans from the days of Slavery.
As for the assertion that we are somehow better off in American than we would have been in the Sub-Saharra, I think they need a history lesson. Africa had many thriving communities at the time of the slave trades decimated by the incursion. Entire civilizations were wiped out by the activities of the African, European, and Arabic governments involved.

Man, I gotta stop. I hate idiots and those who think like them. Read the whole report for yourself if you haven’t seen it yet. As for Arkansas, dam shame you have someone like Hubbard actually holding an office because those words are tantamount to a hate crime in and of itself. He should be removed from office the minute this came out, and the other moron running for office, hope he meets some people in DC that shows him how good slavery is. Read the report

We have Racists running the country, grown ass racists and the Supreme Court seems to think Affirmative Action is no longer necessary. Something don’t smell right. NRA might be right about some things after all. Going for my permit soon, cause none of this smells right. IJS