The Marriage Counselor’s Secret Life – New Release

The Marriage Counselor’s Secret Life – New Release.

The release of a new novel deserves some show and tell, especially when it is about a marriage counselor having marital problems.


One More Day to Kick off Something for 2013

Happy New years to you and yours. Hope the year brings you wealth, good health, plenty of excitement, and good things. New year’s resolutions are a go right now. So let’s have a safe and prosperous start to the new year. Remember not to drive drunk, in fact, don’t drink at all if you don’t have to. I wish you the best, and share the good things that happen to you in the comment section. Happy New Year from Team Alpha – Blessings


Never Alone

Listening to a Country Song by Lady Antebellum I was inspired to share it. The words alone are an interesting thought. Never Alone. An inspiration to keep going at the lowest point in life, or to stand strong even when everything seems lost. We are never truly alone if we take the time to suspend pain for one instant. There is always someone, some thing waiting for us to humble ourselves and go just a little bit farther. Never Alone; enjoy

Never Alone by Lady Antebellum


Ode to the Most powerful Being On Earth

With this Powerful force of Nature we wouldn’t be here. One of the Simplest and most amazing forms on the face of the Planet. She comes in Various shapes sizes and colors. Yet her job still remains the same; to bear the children of the world and to love them Unconditionally.

What makes her so powerful are the adversities she has had to face, even from her own children.There are those who would seek to mute her precious voice even knowing that she is the teacher of the world. Those who would use her for sport, knowing they came from her. And those careless ones who would end her life without considering their breath is because of her. While we celebrate all things we’ve made, we forget the thing that made us and limit her to one day as she grows and multiplies.

When the most Powerful being on Earth is silent for too long, the world falls apart. Only when she stands is the world walking in the right direction because her guidance and her ways are fundamentally perfect. They say a child’s word for God is Mother.

Yet we forget, when we sit down at a table with these powerful beings that we owe our lives, our respect, and our loyalty for the 9 months we were as close to her as we could be to anything else. For 9 months we are formed within her. And yet still she maintains her grace.

There are even those who belittle this powerful being. They say she’s worth less than they, yet they come from her. They say all manner of things in order to keep her power locked away and hidden from their site for fear of losing themselves. With one word she could dispel anything they can do to her, but she remains calm in order to preserve the illusion her children have built up.

This, the woman is the most powerful being on the face of the world. No man could do what she does daily, nor feel the pain she does. Even as she forgets herself and chases after the things that men do, she maintains her dignity, questioning until she gives in. The most powerful being on Earth is Necessary in the continuation of the world, and necessary in the conscience of the world since she is built with love and for peaceful solutions.

When she watches her corrupted siblings she weeps for the ones they touch and how they surrender to their corruption. Yet she maintains her balance and her beauty. The most powerful being on Earth are the women of the world. The same mothers who taught us all to be men and women, that in turn some of us can become more than just what we see.

When you pass one of these powerful creatures, remember the reverence owed – Even God has said it as a matter of speaking. “Mother is a child’s word for God.” What other being do you know that is more Powerful than God.


Something Worth Promoting

Recently ran across this on BP. Petalianne Comic Book series by Zelpha Comics. This series is a new series geared toward empowering young girls through the messages in the comic books. The writer, Lounga Nuami, and illustrator branch out on a quest to write cute characters, like the Care Bears did in the 80s and 90s. They have created an Indiegogo account to try and raise funds to try and keep he series going. You can help by visiting and donating to their cause.

VOTE 2012


Hey all. Make sure you go register to vote this year. The time is almost over and the stage is almost set. Doesn’t matter who or what you’re voting for, your voice is going to be heard through the voting system. And don;t say you don’t know where to go. I just provided the link. All you do is choose your state, fill in a short form, print it, sing it, mail it and you’re all set. Don’t skimp because you gotta mail it either, this is important.

Just remember to make the best choice, Obama, :p, kidding. When you go to the polls don’t be intimidated by anyone. Place your vote for the candidate of your choice, the cause of your choice and vote down anything you see fit to vote down. Doesn’t matter what anybody says, your choice is how you make your voice heard and we definitely need to be heard this year more than ever. In fact, there are a few seats in a few courts that needs replacing, too bad we don’t get to vote there. But we can influence who gets chosen by getting out to vote.

I’ve heard of a few ridiculous new measures set up to block voters from voting. My advice, if it happens, complain early, talk to the media, take it to your twitter account, your facebook account and or any social media account you hold. Can’t keep us quiet about wrong doing, complain early, and don’t forget your right to sue in instances where you’re discriminated against for any reason. Oh right, don’t forget your trusty phone cam for proof, and your middle finger just to say hello to those who choose to discriminate for any reason.

Welp, that be it for me. Please, no drunk voting, vote responsibly. I know I’ve been hearing people say the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are horrible; nice way of saying what I heard lol. Hey, there are other choices don’t get fooled because they’re all you see. Look for other candidates on Youtube and social media. But anyway. I gotta go to my 9 – 5 and I’m leaving you this message. Yes, this one is actually serious. Go Register to vote. Go now!

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and make sure you vote some more. If they’ll let you vote 10 times do it. Kidding, you can only vote once, lol, shame, but yes that’s it, too many people voting and it just wouldn’t be fair. But go vote in November Primaries and be ready for the real deal when we elect a president and vote on issues affecting out community. I think I’m gonna run for governor in the next election. Vote for me now. :0)

One Love ya’ll

Alpha ~ Meta


Stop Molesting My Freedom with Your Rights

We’re born FREE. Consider this fact, yet we are inundated with the concept of rights and granted rights all the time. Whenever someone debates with me they go into the orifice of rights and those granted to us. But if I was born FREE why do I need rights? Surely I know what’s right from what’s wrong without being granted someone’s rights, or rather, their ideals of watered down freedom. New Hampshire in my humble opinion has the correct slogan; Live Free or Die. But let’s get into this.

For all of you who believe in having rights granted. Why do you believe this is more important than your freedom? For those of you who need the law to tell you what’s legal and what’s not? What did your parents teach you? I ask because I come across many, many people on a daily basis that let their rights infringe on, and even disrupt my freedom. Isn’t it better to be free and do what’s right then to be granted rights? So why is it then that your rights infringe on my freedom?

This rant is in response to those who continually bemoan the fact that I somehow have rights because I live in one country. I don’t accept the rights because I am FREE. Even in China I would be free because all any dictator can do is kill me because people choose to give up their freedom for these rights, jut so they can say they have a leader. I am my own leader and I do not need anyone telling me I should follow anyone. If God had intended for me to follow someone they would be right where I am telling me what to do… Oh wait, that’s what parents are for. NOBODY ELSE.
So the next time you feel like telling someone they have rights because they live on a plot of land you call YOUR COUNTRY, realize, they may not share your sentiment of enslavement. They may realize that they’re free and are able to choose to do good, and not do good only because the law of the land dictates good behavior. Yes you can say that today, I’m an angry black man dammit. End Rant.

Author Interview: Dr. Eugene Walton African Immigrants and African Americans: Community or Conflict?

I’ve just done an interview with Dr Eugene Wilson who has written what is arguably the most powerful book of 2012. See the interview and then trust me purchase the book. Well worth the read. Should be a requirement for all African and African American educational facilities.

Author Interview: Dr. Eugene Walton African Immigrants and African Americans: Community or Conflict?.

Monday Aug 6th is Jamaica Independence day

With the Jamaican Independence coming on Monday, all kinds of good things are happening right now. There are shows planned, speeches, and awards being given to extraordinary individuals and organizations. Need I mention our runners in the Olympics this year, I think that’s just fate, I see Gold going back a yaad. One of the most recent things to happen however is the ICS being honored by the U.S. State Department for their exceptional work advocating for Caribbean Americans in the U.S.

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) was among a select group of organizations that were honored by the U.S. State Department and the White House on Friday, July 27.
At a ceremony held at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, ICS Founder and President Dr. Claire Nelson was recognized for ICS’ work advancing partnerships between members of the Diaspora and the public/private sector. ICS has been central in promoting the Caribbean development agenda and promoting awareness about National Caribbean American Heritage Month.
During her remarks, Dr. Nelson highlighted ICS most recent work in promoting youth entrepreneurship through LifeSEED, its empowerment and entrepreneurship program.ICS is also working with the State Department on an upcoming program about the Caribbean sea.
Watch the entire proceeding below.
Go ICS, these are people effecting real change and doing something positive for all Caribbeans. Show some love. Visit them and send them a message of support for their efforts. Will definitely be back again with more on the Jamaica Independence. Congratulations to the Institute of Caribbean Studies for this great Honor ceremony they were a part of.