Dear Microsoft – Another Windows 8 Complaint

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Windows 8 Sucks. Remember when you made Vista and people lived through it. You may or may not make it through the return after people go back to Windows 7. I will admit I am in love with windows 7, but after trying to help someone get windows 8 working and updated I had to write this little hate-mail to you. Can you imagine trying to sort through that mess? That should’ve been left on the cellphone system they ripped off.


On the next update you have, windows 8 service pack 2, bring back the old system where we have the start page at the bottom. The other problem is surfing and then all of a sudden your screen zips to another because you moved your finger across the mouse screen. What the hell is that? It’s a great function for the Smartphone, but on a PC where you’re trying to type something and then click on something else… I can’t really use the words I want here. Just picture them.


Update settings? Uuhhhhhh – Can even your IT department find them? I have gone through this entire thing trying to find the settings. Never mind that even the supposed control panel is a mess of virtual / visual gibberish. It’s a terrible, horrible, mortifying thing that you’ve created. I can’t believe after putting them on some machines places like Best Buy, Walmart, and other stores where they sell PCs didn’t revert to Windows 7.


And ohhh yes, setting up windows 8 from the store… Why in the world would anyone want to setup an account and give everyone access to their email? Can you imagine setting up a client PC, they want you to use your settings so that you manage all upgrades, they go to their email and BAM, you’re the one there. CAN YOU SAY SECURITY RISK? By far, this is the worst operating system you’ve come up with. IJS. In Closing, revert to the windows 7 on the next update platform PLEASE… Waiting to see windows 9, hopefully nothing like 8. Goodbye



2 comments on “Dear Microsoft – Another Windows 8 Complaint

  1. No Pete it’s not just you… They have a disable function for the Apps, but man is the thing annoying still. Start Menu is no longer like the start menu, everything is just thrown in there. I give it a 1 out of 10 and that’s generous

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