New Year’s Resolution 2013

It’s that time again. Time to lay out my plans for the upcoming year. To show the world what I’m about to do. Last year I laid out my New Year’s Resolution to complete a novel, Into the Vein. Guess what? I did finish it, published it myself, and actually completed a second book, Unlocking Your Success Gene after that. Coincidentally I also Coauthored VIP and VIP 2 along with Jerrice Owens and a few Authors. As you’ve seen I have started a few blogs, gotten a little noteriety, developed my graphic skills above horrible, and learned a little marketing. So what happens now? I’m still an unknown Author right?

That’s what happens next. Beginning in December I will be making a shift to become a successful and well known Author. The books I wanted are done and I am currently working on Books 3, which is due in December, an erotic thriller. Following that will be yet another one due in April, and another due in December of 2013. BUT in 2013 I will also be compiling a book of poetry that has been sitting in the library of Congress for a few years. I’ll finally finish the other pieces and add them all together.

I also want to work on being visible and marketing myself. Starting in January I will be releasing a few Press Releases either through or, I haven’t chosen which one yet. I’ve also created my own Book order forms and Product description sheets for ITV and Success Gene, which you can view on my Facebook fan page, don’t forget to click like and stay up to date. What I plan on doing is going out to Bookstores to get the paperbacks in print and out in stores for your convenience. I will also be getting myself ready to show up at the stores that purchase my books to sign books for the owners. I plan on being on hand to sign the copies that are sold for the first few weekends days. If you’re a bookstore owner local to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, or Vermont you may want to get in contact before I start my marketing campaign. One thing I have done to get things set up was to contact the CL3 Agency to be my Promoters. By August 2013 I plan on being in every bookstore within the Continental United States and Canada, and looking to break into the International markets. August 2013 is my target date for full recognition and full attainment of the work I’m putting into motion now.

Also I plan on creating a full, cost effective way to help Indie authors, unknown authors, and others break into the market. As wordpress has been limiting the amount of data that can be put onto their free pages I’m finding that I will need to upgrade to keep doing this. As I earn more and am able to stay home from sales I plan on being more effective with the Author interviews I offer, my way of giving back to everyone by presenting new authors and books to readers.

As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 begins to wind into existence it is time to start putting things out there. These are the first of my New Years Resolution.  Look for my books on Amazon, author’s page. Next year more people will know who I am. I will be in bookstores and on your shelves and I’m looking forward to presenting you with books to entertain your senses. Hollywood is just a step after that.



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