A Case of Writing and Marketing

Have you visited my Author’s Blogs yet? If not, click the link here and be redirected. If you’re an avid reader you can enjoy reading posts of Author interview, a few book reviews, interviews with characters, and for those of you who know me, interviews with myself. Oh yah, I do that. Of course I continue as I usually do and have some help for Authors as well as material for readers by bringing new authors in every genre.

For the Reader – There will be New Indie Authors, Drama authors, some Romance, African American Literature, African American Authors, Main stream authors (as I build) and a Book Portal for those of you who just want the books without the entertainment. Yeah I like you too, as long as you purchase or download an ebook. This Blog will be loaded with everything you need to entertain that perfectly good brain of yours. Over the next few weeks be on the lookout for changes and interviews. If you know an author you’d like showcased mention the Writer’s Block, with Alphawriter and get them showcased. Take some times to browse more than the opening pages, leave comments for the authors showcased if you like them. Drop me a note or a comment anywhere.

The Book portal features so far only 3 titles, Dr Eugene Walton’s, African Immigrants and African Americans, a well researched documentary.  As participating authors join the ranks the shelf will grow giving you a solid collection of readings that will be rotated on a regular basis of upto 100 titles at a time.
For the Author – The much needed fodder for the fire. I have a plethora of services to help you get some recognition. One of those is a Free reciprocal Blog interview exchange. This helps both of us by providing access to each other’s reader base. While some consider it competition I consider it an endorsement of sorts, introducing your own readers to another author and I to mine. Alone we’re small, but together we are larger. There are also marketing packages sold with the Free interview and Book reviews that can help you and everyone who comes on there. Marketing is done and is being done to help situate Aphauthor Blog to explode soon enough.
Bragging Rights – I have to mention this. Contacted by a marketing company that saw, Unlocking Your Success Gene and rated 7 out of 10
What’s next – Purchasing Books and getting ready to market to bookstores directly, that’s right. I’ve started purchasing my Paperbacks from Createspeace.com Once those are in I will be going around to bookstores local to MA, CT, RI, and NY in order to get the word out about my books. I’m also offering FREE book signings as part of the package if Bookstores order directly from me. If they go through Creatspace they can also contact me directly to let me know when they plan on putting the titles on sale and I will do my best to show up on one of the weekend days. Sort of Meet the Author for Bookstores to help them sell what they’ve purchased. You can also book me for speaking events or signings by getting in touch with the CL3 Agency, visit their site and use the contact button. Order forms are available by contacting me from this or the Author Website. Looking forward to becoming a new choice for your bookshelf.




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