Brightening Up The Outlook on Life

Stress can drive a person up the wall. A smile can erase the effects of stress just as easily as the cause of stress. One of the things we take note of during our lifetime is that we fail to utilize our full potential because of the things we learn over the course of our lives. We watch as others pull ahead of us and instead of helping them, we’re taught to be the obstacles they face because we want what they’ve achieved. But how little we really know about Envy, stress, and success.
Helping someone achieve, even at what appears to be a loss of something we want can actually be a good thing in the long run for you. For one thing, it may not be in the capacity you want, but that person could actually be the very reason you achieve success.

What many don’t take into consideration is that some times it takes an endorsement from someone else to rise above. The person you spend all your energy trying to break down is the very person that can some day turn around and give a good word when you’re ready.

Helping someone achieve can also brighten your own outlook on life. Just the thought that you had a hand in helping someone become a success instead of hindering will cause some very positive ripples in your own life. Imagine the feeling you get every time you see this person taking strides, to know that you were a part of why that is possible. Imagine if this person remembers and suddenly mentions your name one day to everyone that knows them. Before even this the sheer feeling of accomplishment for having lent a hand to someone trying to inch their way to success can be your own greatest achievement and just what you need to reconfigure the way you view life.

The thing is you have to be willing to do what is necessary to help someone achieve as if it is yourself making the attempt. It isn’t always enough to stride because it takes an effort and then some. Though it’s worth it, sometimes helping someone else achieve is the best cure for what ails you. Always be willing to accept success even when it’s not your own.



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