Slavery was a Blessing for Which Black People on What Planet?

I’ve been hearing about this report for days and just couldn’t believe my ears or eyes when I actually read it. Arkansas House of Representatives, Republican, Jon Hubbard states in his 2008 book, Slavery was a Blessing in disguise for Blacks,and another that states,Charlie Fuqua, who served in the Arkansas House from 1996 to 1998, wrote there is ‘no solution to the Muslim problem short of expelling all followers of the religion from the United States,’ in his 2012 book, titled ‘God’s Law.’ (Arkansas, Republican House Candidate, Charlie Fuqua). The Idiot goes on to say “African Americans must ‘understand that even while in the throes of slavery, their lives as Americans are likely much better than they ever would have enjoyed living in sub-Saharan Africa.’
Now, hearing this, these books were written in 2008 and in 2012. I’ve also heard the Supreme Court is looking to Demolish Affirmative Action because as they say, “Black Americans no longer need it.”  Seeing that Fuqua wrote his book THIS YEAR, and Hubbard wrote his book in 2008; what is the Supreme Court smoking? More importantly, with these views, other politicians taking one on the chin for the party in the Early goings of the year to remind white voters of who to vote for, no doubt. What is the motive and aim of the Supreme Court? With views like these still rampant, why would anyone think there is any equality?

We have Republicans trying to distance themselves from fuqua and hubbard, but let’s be serious. Are they the only ones who think the way they are? I would venture to say there is an effort to save face in light of the coming election. As for these delusional men, I would tell them to take a serious look at what Fredrick Douglass wrote, or any number of African Americans from the days of Slavery.
As for the assertion that we are somehow better off in American than we would have been in the Sub-Saharra, I think they need a history lesson. Africa had many thriving communities at the time of the slave trades decimated by the incursion. Entire civilizations were wiped out by the activities of the African, European, and Arabic governments involved.

Man, I gotta stop. I hate idiots and those who think like them. Read the whole report for yourself if you haven’t seen it yet. As for Arkansas, dam shame you have someone like Hubbard actually holding an office because those words are tantamount to a hate crime in and of itself. He should be removed from office the minute this came out, and the other moron running for office, hope he meets some people in DC that shows him how good slavery is. Read the report

We have Racists running the country, grown ass racists and the Supreme Court seems to think Affirmative Action is no longer necessary. Something don’t smell right. NRA might be right about some things after all. Going for my permit soon, cause none of this smells right. IJS


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