VOTE 2012


Hey all. Make sure you go register to vote this year. The time is almost over and the stage is almost set. Doesn’t matter who or what you’re voting for, your voice is going to be heard through the voting system. And don;t say you don’t know where to go. I just provided the link. All you do is choose your state, fill in a short form, print it, sing it, mail it and you’re all set. Don’t skimp because you gotta mail it either, this is important.

Just remember to make the best choice, Obama, :p, kidding. When you go to the polls don’t be intimidated by anyone. Place your vote for the candidate of your choice, the cause of your choice and vote down anything you see fit to vote down. Doesn’t matter what anybody says, your choice is how you make your voice heard and we definitely need to be heard this year more than ever. In fact, there are a few seats in a few courts that needs replacing, too bad we don’t get to vote there. But we can influence who gets chosen by getting out to vote.

I’ve heard of a few ridiculous new measures set up to block voters from voting. My advice, if it happens, complain early, talk to the media, take it to your twitter account, your facebook account and or any social media account you hold. Can’t keep us quiet about wrong doing, complain early, and don’t forget your right to sue in instances where you’re discriminated against for any reason. Oh right, don’t forget your trusty phone cam for proof, and your middle finger just to say hello to those who choose to discriminate for any reason.

Welp, that be it for me. Please, no drunk voting, vote responsibly. I know I’ve been hearing people say the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are horrible; nice way of saying what I heard lol. Hey, there are other choices don’t get fooled because they’re all you see. Look for other candidates on Youtube and social media. But anyway. I gotta go to my 9 – 5 and I’m leaving you this message. Yes, this one is actually serious. Go Register to vote. Go now!

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and make sure you vote some more. If they’ll let you vote 10 times do it. Kidding, you can only vote once, lol, shame, but yes that’s it, too many people voting and it just wouldn’t be fair. But go vote in November Primaries and be ready for the real deal when we elect a president and vote on issues affecting out community. I think I’m gonna run for governor in the next election. Vote for me now. :0)

One Love ya’ll

Alpha ~ Meta



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