Stop Molesting My Freedom with Your Rights

We’re born FREE. Consider this fact, yet we are inundated with the concept of rights and granted rights all the time. Whenever someone debates with me they go into the orifice of rights and those granted to us. But if I was born FREE why do I need rights? Surely I know what’s right from what’s wrong without being granted someone’s rights, or rather, their ideals of watered down freedom. New Hampshire in my humble opinion has the correct slogan; Live Free or Die. But let’s get into this.

For all of you who believe in having rights granted. Why do you believe this is more important than your freedom? For those of you who need the law to tell you what’s legal and what’s not? What did your parents teach you? I ask because I come across many, many people on a daily basis that let their rights infringe on, and even disrupt my freedom. Isn’t it better to be free and do what’s right then to be granted rights? So why is it then that your rights infringe on my freedom?

This rant is in response to those who continually bemoan the fact that I somehow have rights because I live in one country. I don’t accept the rights because I am FREE. Even in China I would be free because all any dictator can do is kill me because people choose to give up their freedom for these rights, jut so they can say they have a leader. I am my own leader and I do not need anyone telling me I should follow anyone. If God had intended for me to follow someone they would be right where I am telling me what to do… Oh wait, that’s what parents are for. NOBODY ELSE.
So the next time you feel like telling someone they have rights because they live on a plot of land you call YOUR COUNTRY, realize, they may not share your sentiment of enslavement. They may realize that they’re free and are able to choose to do good, and not do good only because the law of the land dictates good behavior. Yes you can say that today, I’m an angry black man dammit. End Rant.


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