Cause You Fix Problems by only Seeing the Problem?


Cause comes to mind when I think about problems. But as I look on there seem to be some great focus being thrown at the problems we all face today. That is a big problem where humanity is concerned, worldwide. The problem of looking at problem and not the cause is that it leaves us all wide opened for catastrophic mishaps. It also allows hidden agendas to affect us when we need to be affecting it. The problem with seeing only the problem is that the band-aid mentality we’ve been working with for the past few millenia does not seem to be working. So the question is, are we really going to keep focusing on problems rather than cause?

The causes of a problem usually are hidden in murky waters, directing our focus toward the problem that’s directly in our face. Here’s the kicker. The cause is usually masking a more diabolical plot that we do not see. Most often we clear up the problem and start smiling and ignoring the cause, in fact, 99% of the causes are still in place. When those causes decide to produce yet another problem it is usually in spades.

So what are the causes of some of the problems we’re Seeing? How can we address them without getting distracted by the problems? Fact is, if we keep solving problems without taking care of the causes we’re going to continually have problems. We need to begin, as a community, to address the underlying causes, we need to become problem solvers in the deepest of sense before we’re over-run by what we’ve been ignoring for centuries.
The abject lessons we face daily, the hardships, hunger, they all have an underlying cause, which has gone ignored for generations because we have failed to look deep. We do this, shamefully, because it is not affecting us. Yet we cry out when it does and then gets complacent when we move by it. We need to solve societies problems by critical thinking, holding those responsible accountable, and holding our elected officials accountable; and also holding ourselves accountable. But we cannot continue solving problems without dealing with the causes. Taking into consideration the recent outbreaks of violence; we can no longer be complacent to place our security solely on the shoulders of government officials either. We must HELP to determine what is best for OUR security, not just surrender our FREEDOM because the suggested security measures seem good.

We have to get out of the habit of problem solving and become Solutions to the CAUSES of problems. Hope I made sense to you all. There are reasons I’m posting this and they should be evident within your lives, within your communities, within the lives of people you know. Stop solving problems and start being solutions to the causes of problems. We have beautiful minds, start using them.



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