What’s With all The Mass Killings Lately


All those great days that have passed on by. Do you ever sit and think back about them and just want to go backwards? In light of the stupidity that seem to be affecting people these days I had to write this. Think about it; see a black child walking and basically shoot him for being in the neighborhood, fail a test so you go and shoot people in a packed theater, another one just doesn’t like anyone but white people so he goes and shoots up an entire building full of people taking six of them before turning the gun on himself. Still another doesn’t want to pay his rent so he sets Texas ablaze with bullets, and in DC today another man opens fire, luckily a quick thinking security guard stops him before lives ended needlessly.

Within the Span of a month, four separate incidents in which grown men walked out and basically murdered people without a second thought. Incidents like these seem to be coming more and more frequently this year. Why is it these people have problems and go add to other people’s problems? Are they the only ones with problems?



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