Hello happy saturday, go outside

And so comes to close yet another week; how did ya’ll spend it? Was it fun, was it exciting, was it just.. Meh. We’ve had some stormy weather the last few days. I was driving through Worcester, sputtering anyway when I saw what the nice little storm we had did. Tress down again, reminded me of that snowstorm from last year.

In case you don’t recognize it yet, this is just a rant to say hello. I haven’t blogged in days and I feel lazy and kind of blah, but mostly bad because I’ve been shirking my duties as a wordsmith. Will it happen again? I plead the fifth. Yes I do get in that funky mood sometimes where I’d rather be outside or doing nothing. I am so ashamed, how will I ever face… Time to go outside again 🙂 nice cool breeze out there.
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Anyway, about to go enjoy the nice cool breeze outside, be back later Peace!


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