Into The Vein: Revelation and Revealer Finished and Published


I finished editing, procrastinating, and biting my nails this week. I pulled the Unedited Versions from Kindle and Smashwords :p, and even got it Copywritten. Only thing left to do was edit it and boy did I start out. Into the Vein is available both in ebook from Amazon Kindle or you can get the Paper Version ordered at Createspace. I will be looking for other publishers if necessary and a good publicist since I want the word out. This brings my New Year’s resolution to within 96% complete too.

When I sat down to write ITV I sat down to write a Paranormal Thriller that would challenge every aspect of everything people know and believe while delivering a gripping story. Ehem, there were some heavy editing necessary after I was done, but I survived to tel you about it. I actually had chills writing portions of this book and wanted to add so much more to it. I finally had to just publish it so I could stop playing around with it. Into The Vein: Revelation and Revealer is roughly 480 pages of sheer joy.
I have started a FREE promotion for the Kindle Edition as of 7/24/2012. I definitely wanted to share my work and I’m excited. Amazon made it easy to publish my work and Create Space gave me a lot of places to just go about getting my work in print and even offered a promotion where I could get my book in bookstores, so look fo rt coming to a bookstore near you. If not just order it from

I’m going to throw in a shameless plug here; for all you Ebook readers, I made the book only 2.99, which mean that after the promotion is over it will be $2.99, may leave it there for the ebook. Leave feedback if you get the ebook on amazon and tell people about my book. Spread the word [End Shameless Plug].

Next up, working on the second book in the series; already a good ways in and will not disappoint. I’ve learned something about writing and will translate if over into the second book. Keep me in mind when you order books; will also be looking to release chapters through the Blogs once I get enough time.



Your feedback and comments are always welcome

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