Jamaica Sets its Sites on 50 Years of Independence


Русский: Флаг Ямайки Slovenščina: državna zast...

Русский: Флаг Ямайки Slovenščina: državna zastava Jamajke “The Sun shineth, the land is green, and the people are strong and bold” is the symbolism of the colours of the flag. BLACK represents the strength and creativity of the people; GREEN represents hope and agricultural resources; GOLD represents the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For all you Islanders out there on the lookout for the annual Independence day celebrations of the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica is about to turn 50 next month. Jamaicans everywhere are already gearing up for the celebrations, or at least should be aware of it, have been wrong before. What are you planning with August quickly approaching?


On August 6, 1962 Jamaica was officially given independence from British Rule. We have just celebrated the American Independence on July 4th; was everybody under British rule? Geez. Anyway, Jamaica is about to turn 50, as we like to say back home. 50 years of self government, 50 years of Jamaica being Jamaica for the people and not a colony.


One of the more modern and popular voices, Dr. Claire Nelson, can be found at http://icsdc.org.The Institute of Caribbean Studies spends countless hours before Congress on the behalf of the Entire Caribbean diaspora. They advocate for social change and involvement in the Life of Caribbeans in and around the United States. If you’re from any of the Islands of the Caribbean, get to know ICS and Dr. Nelson. You can find information and celebrations being held on the ICS website or give them a call to find out what they’re doing to celebrate Jamaica’s anniversary.


As we also know, Jamaica is a land of diverse people, being Jamaican, I also know the slogan; “Out of Many One People.” Proudly expressed by any Jamaican you meet and ask them. Personally I will be watching for every single bit of information passed out, speeches, celebrations held worldwide; what can I say, I love the internet and readily available information I can find here. Why have it if we’re not going to use it properly?

If I have Jamaican readers, yail mi up no; or readers from the Caribbean or those of you interested in Jamaica or the rest of the Caribbean, please feel free to send me a message through the contact page with anything I can help you with. Please also feel free to leave me a message through the comment section. Trust me, spammers do it all the time. But anyway, to all Caribbean peoples, one love to all Caribbeans everywhere. Nuff love to all else.

Want to highlight your Island’s independence day here. Let me know all about it when it comes up.







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