Did you miss me?

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Hey all

With Into the Vein completed, and edited, copyrighted, and just about ready for the public, I am coming out of hiding. Hope I was missed, if I wasn’t ain’t nobody getting a Christmas cookie; that’s right I said it, better have missed me. Anyway, new developments in my 2012, new year’s resolution. 95% completed with a twist. That’s right, halfway through the year and I am almost complete, so I started planning next year’s NYR, and I am sparing nothing; and I mean Nuth’n’.

Let’s talk about 2012 first; I found out I hard terrible grammar when I started writing. Can’t believe nobody told me. I began editing ITV when I completed it and it was a doozy. But fear not, the book itself is a gem, and I am preparing to start in on part two… Into the Vein pushed me to my limits and it is, and was a great experience; I literally watched my literary skills grow up. I learned some things and I made a lot of mistakes, but in the end I am happy to say, I kinda grew up this year in some big ways. So what’s next?

A part of My New year’s resolution was to do something amazing and I did just that. I created a small business to help small business owners find resources they need; you can see for yourself by going to http://alphaxiom.com. Alphaxiom comes with a Business Directory that will be free to anyone who uses my services, free or otherwise; please talk to me if you do. What you will find there are resources ranging from Insurance to Financing options for small business owners. I am also using my little know-how to serve small business owners, or business minded people in anyway they need help. You won’t be charged an arm and a leg, in fact, I am not charging for some services I will provide. Check out the details. But this was built for those who are having problems finding resources to help grow, stabilize, or save your business. In some cases; I can contract to see if your business is feasible and will earn money, or f failing could take a look at it and help you figure out why, and then see if there is anything that can be done to get you back to being profitable.

I have neglected Blogging however, and I am getting back to it. Boy do I have some doozies; how about a certain Congressman censoring a Congresswoman for using the word Vagina… The republican house actually said Rep, Lisa Brown was “Unprofessional” for using the word… Sounds like somebody needs to grow up, just sayin’. Yes genius it’s old news it happened in June, I’m just getting around to it :p Click here for the report from CBS

And poor Mitt Romney, he is steadfastly against the Obamacare; when asked what his plan would be he quickly started mouthing off his checklist… Only problem with it is… Oh boy… Everything he mentioned is already on Obamacare. I think his publicist must have forgotten to tell him that. You can get a good laugh here… Mitt Mitt Mitt, problem is, we the people, here in Massachusetts are already suffering under the mess you left, called Universal healthcare. But why be against Obamacare if you’re voicing that you’re going to do every single thing he already says he is… Except he’s going to use our Tax money to help pay for it; Romney’s plan… “Pay for it yourself.” I know, I already do…

On a Good Note; Independence days are abound. We just celebrated the American Independence on July 4th; fireworks were Awesome this year. Now onto Jamaica; in August, Jamaica will celebrate 50 years of Independence. You can get more details by visiting, Jamaica.com or visiting the Website of the Institute of Caribbean studies While you’re there feel free to hit up the donations page and support. Bigup Jamaica and our 50 years of self governing.


Anyway I think I put too much into one; peace and bless. Will be back to post and cause some commotions soon enough.


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