June is Caribbean Heritage Month: Got your Caribbean Flag Yet?

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Fun times to be had this month is You’re Caribbean especially, but it is not just Caribbeans who can have fun. To boot I’ve been talking about how important the Institute of Caribbean Studies was in getting National Caribbean Heritage Month mandated and recognized by Congress. Go visit them and say hello and thank you. They have even dedicated a site to National Caribbean Heritage Month. You can learn all about the festivities, the peoples of the Caribbean, why we are so easy going, and even our foods.

If you’re Caribbean or of Caribbean heritage or even just want to know about our many people from the Caribbean then you should visit the NCHM or ICS site and get some information. As for the Month of June, it is nearly time for all the colorful parades, music, dancing, foods, and enjoyment that comes with the celebrations of National Caribbean Heritage Month. The music should be off the chain this year.

Not looking for no trouble just peaceful celebrations so leave the equipment at home, your attitudes, and enjoy the streets. If ya’ll don’t know; New York, Boston, and a few other places will be the places to be. Every year they put up some grand parades and fests that attract hundreds of thousands of people per year.

What am I talking about? CARNIVAL baby! Every year there are a set of Carnivals held in various places to celebrate our Caribbean heritage. The link I’ve provided gives dates to the events and we’re asking that you come with good attitudes and positive vibes this year and every year following. If you’re unfortunate enough to never have been to even one, ask friends what you’re missing. Tag along this year and be prepared to have fun, have your eyes filled with colors, and did I say have fun.

ICS will be hosting their own events in Washington DC this year as well. You can get involved or get some knowledge on everything Caribbean by visiting http://www.caribbeanamericanmonth.org and getting the information first hand. So this year, grab your flag any Caribbean flag, grab some Caribbean Music, get some colorful clothes and get ready to enjoy National Caribbean Heritage Month. June is the month of Jubilee.



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