So sad




At the risk of being misunderstood by my fellow Kikuyu slaves and their counterparts such as Luos, in the new slavery pen, I would like to give you a personally researched view of a today’s Kikuyu
and where each belong today.

I will begin with saying that to me almost all Kikuyus existing today are mostly slaves, a few are slave servants and least of them are slave masters.

Why are majority Kikuyus slaves while they own most of arable land and large sums of monies in Kenyan banks and abroad?  How comes they are slaves while they produced the first president of Kenya who gave them a lot of wealth at the expense of all the rest of Kenyans?  Many ask.

The problem comes when the majority Kikiyus think as true of the above claims by the rest of Kenyans and start boasting that:…

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