National Caribbean Heritage Month is June 2012; Year Six

This year marks 6 years we have been celebrating June as National Caribbean Heritage Month.  But did you know how it all started? In 2000, the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) began leading the celebration of June as Caribbean American Heritage Month in Washington DC, building on efforts started by a now defunct Ad-Hoc Group of Washington DC residents to have a Caribbean Heritage Month in Washington DC in 1999.  The Bill passed the House in June, 2005, and the Senate in February, 2006. A Proclamation making the Resolution official was then signed by President Bush on June 5, 2006.

Dr. Claire Nelson, founder of the Institute of Caribbean Studies in, Washington DC is making sure the tradition continues in 2012. While we’re busy celebrating National Caribbean Heritage Month in your own way, ICS is busy making sure our voices are heard in front of Congress and the United States Government. One of the self-appointed duties of Dr. Nelson, as chair and founder of the Institute is to be the voice of the Caribbean peoples before Congress.

For those of you who don’t know who the Institute of Caribbean Studies is you can visit to get the full details on ICS and Dr. Claire Nelson.

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) is a non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization established in 1993 dedicated to education, advocacy and action on issues that impact on Caribbean Americans.

The purpose of the Institute is to provide a forum for the public and private sector, the non-government organization community, scholars and others interested in promoting a dialogue and to assist in the execution of actions that result from that dialogue.

ICS has become leading community think-do tank in the Caribbean Diaspora in the US.  ICS is the architect and campaign chair of National Caribbean American Heritage Month, executive producer of the National Caribbean American Heritage Awards since 1994, Convener of the Invest Caribbean Business Leaders Dialogue since 1999, and the Caribbean Futures Initiative established in 2007.

Leading up to June’s celebration of, National Caribbean Heritage Month, Dr Nelson and ICS have been touting the Expo Jamaica Event. As the voice of the Caribbean and a think-tank for the Caribbean in America, she has been actively seeking business owners, investors, and those interested in doing business in Jamaica or looking for a new business venue. That is the true embodiment of Caribbean pride; to never stop working and highlighting the Caribbean Islands from the people to the Business. If you’re a business owner you can still register for the free Teleconference to learn about the businesses and opportunities available.

This year marks six years of commemorating National Caribbean Heritage Month, thanks to Dr Claire Nelson and the institute of Caribbean Studies. As June creeps closer and closer we can begin to think about what we each will do to highlight our contribution to the United States, the US economy, and sports in America.

National Caribbean Heritage Months marks a time when we can be proud of our accomplishments and contribution to society and our respective communities in America. We get to showcase our myriad of cultures and enjoy each other’s company. Personally I would like to extend a solemn, “thank you”, to Dr Nelson and ICS for the great work they’ve done advocating for the institution of NCHM. Thanks to the United States President and Congressional leaders who acknowledged and recognized our contribution. We proudly stand as Caribbean-Americans; we stand in the military, we work in the hospitals, we celebrate as Americans and we cry as Americans. Be proud of your Heritage as a Caribbean-American. Enjoy June and do not forget those who made it possible.


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