The Good Citizens we Fail to Be

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One Earth One PeopleHi, my name is, Kevin Allen. I am first a proud African, proud also to admit being born in beautiful Jamaica. For 26 years I have been proudly a citizen of these United States of America. But I also proudly recognize another citizenship that transcends them all; one I share with each and every one of you. It is a citizenship we all seem to have either forgotten or forsaken: I am a very, very proud Citizen of Earth.

It took so much to pen these words because of the apprehension and issues surrounding our people. A colossal failure to unanimously realize who we are, I can assure you, there are those who are reading this and laughing. Those who fail to understand the words and their own humanity. Count yourself lucky if you’re not one of them because you know where you were born and where you live.

Let me remind you of who we are. We are the Human RACE, one people separated by rhetorical hatred of which some of us don’t even understand; but we are ONE race, not many, we are human beings. That is unless you can prove you were born on another planet, in which case you are really an illegal alien. As human beings it is our natural order to ensure that the things we do are good for our entire society of Earth.

I have lived on Earth for 36 years now, soon to be 37. Year by year I watch as my people are beaten, murdered, sent to war against each other, degraded, raped, burned, or any number of atrocities by the very people that should be protecting them. I have also witnessed 36 years of injustices that go on year after year because of self-servitude. We forget that other human beings need the resources we unconscionably throw away simply because we have too much or we do not want it any more. I also witness people waving guns against each other because they are from a “Different” nationality.

But I digress; I wrote this as a reminder that we are all Citizens of Earth. What we do affects people clear round the world and our future generations. And what we are about to leave for our children; we should be ashamed, but, somehow we are not. I had someone tell me that it takes time to change, time to become better people. If after thousands (Millions for evolutionists) of years we still haven’t had enough time to change. Then we either are walking with our eyes closed, or sadly, we just don’t care enough about ourselves or our children. Which is it?

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