Oil: No laughing matter

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LOL ~ This is definitely a non-formal post. I was rolling when I found this out. Keep reading. Forgive my cynicism.

I have just learned that people believe that Oil is a deposit from Dinosaur bones left millions of years ago, also that oil is non-renewable. I have been hearing it for a while but just couldn’t grasp what was really being said. In fact, there are studies being conducted to prove what oil is and where it comes from. ACTUAL STUDIES TO SAY THAT OIL IS NOT FOSSIL! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?… Right now I am floored with this information.

Seriously it never really sunk in that people didn’t know what oil deposits were or where they come from. In this Fancy language of some scientists that are studying Oil: “The abiotic theory argues, in contrast, that hydrocarbons are naturally produced on a continual basis throughout the solar system, including within the mantle of the earth.In plain simple terms Oil is a continually renewed resource from plants, and other carbon matter.
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I have to apologize because I thought people knew this until I started reading. You have to watch the video in this piece. I can’t believe this, how did people come to think that oil is an ancient and non-renewable energy source. We pull the purest forms of Oil from every plant we could, grapes, olives, linseed,  sunflowers, and any other plant we can find. So how exactly do people not know oil is being renewed continually by the liquids draining from plants into the earth?

I apologize for laughing. But Crude oil is continually renewed and is NOT a non-renewable source. There is more than enough Oil available. Why are we paying so much for gas I wonder?

But wait there’s more. Oil Prices are rising and we have possibly discovered the biggest reserve find in Dakota, U.S.A. So why are we still using foreign oil when we have it right in our back yard? And why are we still paying so much at the pump and for heating when we may have the biggest cache anywhere. No wonder Newt Gingrich was promising $2 a gallon at the pump. Why has our government been so tight-lipped about this find?

But anyway. I am still trying to figure out with all the Oil products available n the market how people thought Oil was from fossils in the earth from MILLIONS of years ago and not renewable. We use OIL everyday to cook with; yes it is the same in a purer form just cooked and separated from the plants). Unbelievable!  And again, sorry for laughing if I offended anybody; Now I’m left to wonder how people’s rights are taken from them so easily… That’s rhetorical and Sarcastic by the way.

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