Join the Institute of Caribbean Studies at The Expo Jamaica in April 2012

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Join the ICS at the Expo Jamaica event April 25-29, 2012Imagine your Small Business, Restaurant, Events, Hospitality Business, or yourself with the freshest ingredients or products shipped to you direct from Jamaica. Now, imagine doing business with one of the top tourism nations in the world; that’s right, Jamaica. On April 26-29, 2012 Expo Jamaica will be showcasing businesses from the arts and crafts, textile and apparel, their quality furniture and bedding, construction, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, and more at this year’s expo. You will have the chance to network with and export products of your choice directly from Jamaica. Dr Claire Nelson and the Institute of Caribbean Studies ( will also be there and are hoping to take between 10 to 30 small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors with them. You could be joining over 270 already registered buyers from the U.S.A. the United Kingdom, Ghana, Canada, Russia, and over fifteen other nations including Jamaica.

Expo Jamaica

The Expo Jamaica is a showcase of Jamaica’s business industries. There will be more than fifteen industries showcased in April’s event. So from April 26th through the 29th the Jamaican expo event will be in full swing. The ICS will be conducting their event surrounding the Expo Jamaica showcase. The ICS event will start from Aril 25th, one day early to help familiarize you with Jamaica and fuel your business and possibly your network. One of the benefits of taking the trip with the ICS is that you will get to meet the enigmatic, Dr Claire Nelson. She has been advocating for development with the Institute of Caribbean Studies since the early nineties.

Who is the Institute of Caribbean Studies

ICS on Facebook main website

Registering with ICS for the Event

Established in 1993, the Institute of Caribbean Studies has dedicated itself to the advocacy of issues that impact Caribbean Americans. The purpose of the Institute is to provide a forum for the public and private sector, the non-government organization community, scholars and others interested in promoting a dialogue and to assist in the execution of actions that result from that dialogue.

ICS has become leading community think-do tank in the Caribbean diaspora in the US.  ICS is the architect and campaign chair of National Caribbean American Heritage Month, executive producer of the National Caribbean American Heritage Awards since 1994, Convenor of the Invest Caribbean Business Leaders Dialogue since 1999, and the Caribbean Futures Initiative established in 2007 (ICS). By Supporting the Expo Jamaica event, the ICS, located in Washington DC is supporting the growth of the industries in Jamaica. It is important to note that the ICS acts as the voice of all Caribbean Islands.

Why Choose to go with ICS

One of the main objectives of the visionaries at ICS is to provide an interactive event to teach business owners and entrepreneurs something about Jamaica and exporting opportunities during the Expo Jamaica event. A meet the people event and a visit to the Bob Marley Museum are among the entertaining and interactive event that will be available to you. This will not only allow you to be a visible part of the Expo but also enrich your experience of Jamaica. You can also use this interaction and ICS’ influence to network with other entrepreneurs and business owners. Consider this trip a bridge to many things.

You can get in touch with the Institute of Caribbean Studies by way of facebook, don’t forget to like their page to stay informed and updated on ICS works. You can also go to the Institute of Caribbean Studies ( website and contact them from there to find out more about the Expo Jamaica event. The event organizer would like to have all registration completed by April 18, 2012 in order to accommodate everyone.

Keep in mind this is a business trip and can be written off as a business expense on your taxes (Please check with your locality & tax prep professional) as such.

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, and investors can profit from Expo Jamaica in more ways than one. The added benefit of traveling with the ICS is that you get to sit with Dr Nelson and her compatriots. The potential of networking with business owners and other Entrepreneurs from around the globe also adds to the list of benefits. But the ICS in and of itself is enough to bolster your business as a voice to the United States Congress and Governmental bodies as well as advocating for change in the Caribbean. If you are a business owner in any industry this is an event worth checking out and the nominal cost of traveling with ICS is worth it for the added benefit of having networked with the Institute of Caribbean Studies. Take action, contact the ICS officials and get some knowledge on Expo Jamaica.

Who should think about this as a business venture? If you are a supplier, a Restaurateur, a small shop, events planning company, a hosting company, Construction Company, cosmetics seller, wedding planner, and you can see how the list can grow. Whatever your business there may be something for you at Expo Jamaica for you. There will be over 15 industries present from April 26th to the 29th for your convenience.

The Best Part

Expo Jamaica is where? Yes, Jamaica, beautiful Jamaica. You will have the opportunity of seeing why Jamaica is a favorite among the many Islands of the Caribbean. Don’t forget you will be in Jamaica,, the home of the world’s fastest man: Usain Bolt. You can sample the foods, test the waters and relax a little after the work is done, or even in between. But it is Jamaica. Take the time and go work in a place where you could have fun and sun. The ICS urges you to take action and join them in Jamaica for Expo Jamaica. Come buy into your piece of paradise.

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