Repeating Islands

The Jamaica Gleaner reports that a Jamaican scientist is being celebrated for finding an effective treatment for some types of cancer. Dr. Lawrence Williams, a research scientist at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), has been awarded an international patent on a compound isolated from the Guinea hen weed as a protein complex of dibenzyl trisulphide, which can fight a wide range of cancers, including melanoma, lung cancer and breast cancer. The molecule also has implications for the treatment of ageing diseases. Rights to the patent are shared with Dr. George Levy, a Jamaica-born medical doctor living in the United States.

The SRC says that it joins the international medical fraternity in celebrating the scientific breakthrough, adding that “This remarkable breakthrough comes at a time when the world is crippled by the effects of cancer, as it is one of the leading killers globally.” SRC representatives also stated, “This is…

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