Modesto California: Teacher Leaves School and Family to Live with 18 Year Old Student

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Just getting back to the grind and I see this. 41-year-old teacher in Modesto California quits his job, leaves his family (Wife and 2 children), and rents an apartment to live with his 18-year-old student, Jordan Powers. The “student” part alone just says “Sick”. How exactly at 41 do you date someone you watched grow up? Further, why did a news station even give this guy an interview to highlight what he’s done I don’t know. IMHO This interview should have been in a police station.

Now here is where the law is, for lack of a better term, devoid of common sense (Work faster). Both he and his student, who quit school by the way say that this relationship started when she turned 18 o_O… Um, Earth to Legal system, she’s 18 now and they’re living together.  Other students have said the relationship started when she was a 14-year-old freshman. Wait, gets better. Tammie Powers, mother of the student, Jordan Powers says she found over 8,000 text messages between the two and late night phone calls that lasted for hours. They also said they fell in love slowly. How slowly could it have been in the past few weeks or months? Sweet land of Liberty, I see a jail-bird walking free. Worse yet the little girl is in the same school with his 17-year-old daughter… SMH

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James Hooker, left the school after an investigation was launched by Modesto Police department into their relationship. According to some reports Hooker is on paid leave… Huh, did he quit or get suspended? Can we get some reliable reporting please? But I digress. The Modesto county police department is alleged to be conducting an investigation into when the couple began their relationship

In an interview, Jordan Powers States that “he is her best friend.” Influence is something not to take lightly But you can click on any link to get the full story. Read up, be disgusted, and start paying attention to your daughters. If teachers can’t be trusted who can?


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