Recognizing The Dream and Living It: Black History Month with Alpha

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We are here. The future the visionaries Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm x, Marcus Garvey, W.B. Dubois, Mrs Rosa Parks, and other Social Activist fought so hard to attain. We live in a time where possibilities are only inhibited by our fears and restrictive behaviors of oppressive behaviors, mainly only through our own fears. As Black History Month comes to a close I wanted to make sure I left my own thoughts on our living condition.

Black History month is not just about us as Black people, but about the struggles of the world to do the right things. Our ancestors fought hard to make sure we had opportunities, some died. Today as we go about our business remember to give thanks for the men and women who fought against oppression and inequality. The struggle unfortunately continues in some fronts.

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What we need to remember is that we are our own people. We must decide our own fate and as we decide, those decisions should include the people around us. Black History Month should serve as a reminder that nothing can stop the advancement of the African American but ourselves. Black History Month should also teach us that we must never exclude other race groups from among us, no matter what we do.

The lessons of Black History Month I have provided are evidence that by working together we can achieve anything. As Malcolm X mentioned in his “A Person’s Deed” Q and A; there were white people celebrating with other Muslims at Mecca even though Muhammad had said there were none. So too must we recognize that we all live and share the same lands. But cultivating it together with our diverse cultures we can continue to build a great people. In Jamaica there is a saying; “Out of many, one people.” And that is that which we must become to succeed in our endeavor.

A unified people must rise across the globe consisting of many different shades of people. Only then when none are oppressed will we realize our full potential as a Human Race.

To the Black men and Women around the world. Recognize your own strength and continue to rise. We have been through much, we have lost much, we have suffered more and longer than ANY other people on Earth. But we are still standing, and as we stand we must recognize the kind of strength it takes to stand as we are now. We are in no wise a weak people. And as such we need to take careful steps in making sure we do not repeat what has been done to us as we continue to take our place in the world. More importantly, we must begin with a realization of self, and our capabilities.

Let us all use the lessons of Black History Month and the strength and weaknesses of all our ancestors of our diverse peoples to chart a course to a world where justice, equality, and peace are our ultimate goals.

Bless and Peace~ Alpha


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