Dr. Martin Luther King ~ Black History Month with Alpha

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Dr King

How many of us Know who Dr Martin Luther King is? We hear the name so often at times, especially during Black History Month celebrations. We can all mutter the words “I Have a Dream” in our sleep because of him. Dr King was a pioneer during the civil rights movement that built a name for himself using peaceful demonstrations in search of equality and desegregation. During his time Dr King acted in ways he thought would best benefit our people and gained a place in American, no world history when he delivered his “I have a Dream” Speech in Washington.


There were other speeches by Dr King, such as the speech listed below. Dr King was not simply a man who stood by and spoke about peace. He spoke about the strength of our people our proud heritage and our history and present times.

Dr King made an impact on the American Conscience with his acts of peaceful disobedience. But through all and for everything Dr King was known for was his ability to motivate people to do better. He helped to organize countless sit-ins and protests that would later lead to the downfall of the segregationist movements and White supremest behavior seen over the United States at the time. His life and times can be found anywhere on the web or in any library.

Spread the word of our proud heritage and our people.

Bless ~ Alpha


3 comments on “Dr. Martin Luther King ~ Black History Month with Alpha

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  2. Back in January, in celebration of his birthday, I watched Dr. King’s speech with third graders at the school where I’m assistant to the principal. At the end of the speech, I placed my arm next to the arm of one of the students, who is white. “Look. Dr. King’s dream came true,” I said. The student looked up at me and the most wonderful smile spread across his face. Tears came to my eyes from that delightful experience.

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