1 Day to Valentines Day What are You Doing

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

It is that time of year again; what are you doing for that special someone? There is just so much to do so much to think about. You can always go for flowers those are always good, jewelry if you have the cash, a nice dinner (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Outback Steak House) that doesn’t have an M(Arch), buy her that special book she’s wanted, and do not forget the tried and true planning a romantic evening at home flowers and candle lights included.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked ideas of Valentine’s day is… Staying home. And why not? There is a lot more enjoyment and a lot less pending, not that I’m saying not to spend anything. But Valentine’s Day is about Love. Staying home has its obvious advantages.

Candle Light dinner & Love Letters

Tried and true wins out every time. Spice things up with a romantic candle-light dinner for two. Almost any boutique, bed and bath, department store, ahem specialty store you go to you can get scented oils to add to the ambiance of the evening. And the chef special can be anything you know she or he likes. When it comes to romantic nothing beats an evening sitting across the table looking into the eyes of that special someone while enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. Spice the night up with a hand written love letter. Is there anything more symbolic of love than taking the time to do something with your hands? I think not. Show that special someone you can ink your heart in words so they could enjoy it this valentines and save it for reminiscing. The added benefit, no long drive home to finish the evening with a movie or… Use your imagination!

Spa Time With Champagne

Go ahead and set the water to the perfect temperature. Make it Special by adding chilled Champagne to the mix. Use this as a tone to set the night for something special. You can add strawberries, Cherries, or Pomegranate seeds to enhance the Champagne Flavor. Just remember to go the extra mile for your special someone, make sure the bedroom is ready. Get fresh towels, hopefully freshly ironed or from the dryer so they are nice and warm. You can also leave a basin with warm water near the bed along with Spa products you know they love. When the bath is over treat your significant to a full treatment and pampering. From here I leave the rest to the two of you.

Whether you go out, buy gifts, or plan a romantic evening at home just make sure it is enjoyable. The only important thing is for the two of you to enjoy each other and enjoy L’amour Du Jour (The day of Love).

One Love ~ Alpha


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