The not so Innocent Days of Innocence

Days of innocence is definitely measured by the individual. We can go back to any era and we’d see violence, free love, racism, enslavement, crusades and dark ages, famine, oppression, and any number of man-made behaviors that were detrimental to our race of humans. It also highlights words of Solomon, our ancestor that; “there is nothing new under the sun.”

If you can’t name a few shameless acts by our people in part or in large you need to start reading. What are these days of innocence we speak of?

I could imagine only days before we began learning about the things of the world we live in. Those days we could have truly been considered innocent. Soon after we were put into schools, we started being out and about, and it became crystal clear that not everyone had innocence. Sad fact is that some have their innocence stolen as well.

In various parts of the world children are under attack either at the behest of superstition, invasiveness, perverseness, or outright wickedness by adults who find cause to steal the innocence from them before their time. As punishment the current law takes 5 to 15 years from these monsters. Children affected however are imprisoned by the acts for the rest of their lives. We must do better!

On the other side, adults who choose to retain innocence are forced into situations by their idle peers, governmental action or lack there of, or even the laws themselves at times. Now my question is how good could these things be? Imagine a person who has chosen peace as their way of life having to murder someone because it is considered patriotic. Even today we are seeing people die and kill in order to protect wickedness. Has the world lost its mind?

When were the innocent days? Because I seem to only find days like these repeating themselves for centuries based on the acts of a few. How can we do better?


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