I Love me Like Crazy

Dat be me

Let’s get crazy! A good combination of words turned to song by, Prince. The man seemed insane, but insane seem to have its place in life. Especially these days with everyone filing in line to fulfill the status quo. Hate that dam word and the people that try to link everyone, including me, into some cluster of people. My ego says I am not like anyone else. My ego is right and the census, or con-census is wrong; con being the operative word here.

I am like others in that I have two legs, two arms, and blah blah blah, figure the rest out. But I, like most have my,own identity other than the assigned “Government” marker. And I like, ehem, LOVE me. Truth be told I really really love me.

And as I got myself to write this crazy post I started realizing how good I feel typing it. Crazy but effective. So let’s get crazy, let’s get nuts. If you love yourself show it. It is the beginning of love no.




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