Woman Uses Bible Verse to Help Attacker

American Broadcasting Company

Ripped from ABC

What the world needs is a little love. Lindasy Wood, 32, of Shelby, N.C. can attest to that fact. She was coming home from a Bible Study with her 15 year old son. After sending her son to collect trash cans from the curve her attacker entered the house and slashed her throat.

“She told him please not to hurt her, that she loved the Lord and her son,” neighbor Faye Cooke told ABC affiliate WSOC. Police said Wood’s son heard what was happening and hid in the backyard out of sight while Wood continued to reason with the man.”She offered her car up, as well as money,” Rick Stafford, a captain in the Shelby Police Department told WSOC. (ABC NEWS)

The man took none of these but listened for an hour and a half while she read from the Bible. She even invited him to church. After listening the man apologized and left her alone. Woods who is in the hospital recovering required 20-25 staples and stitches.

Meanwhile, police are hoping to apprehend the man, who didn’t seem to want anything more than to hurt an innocent person. “We want him off the street,” Stafford said. (ABC)

Sounds like the Shelby Police need to sit down with Ms. Wood and learn something new.



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