Socia Economic Inequality and its Possible Solution

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Dare to Act And Protect your children's future

People! Are we the cause of our own suffering in and around the world? I recently had a conversation on Twitter with a man (an activist of sorts I think) who ended up blocking me because I stated that people in the hood needed to do better in order to rebuild “THE HOOD”. I think what made him block me was a statement that waiting on the government to do anything other than what they have been doing (help corporations succeed at our expense: Hoping they prove me wrong at some point) would be pointless. And yes, I got blocked and unfollowed after that. Was my statement too harsh? Don’t really know, what I do know is that I’ve watched people evicted from homes they owned so companies could develop the land (Given pennies on the dollar as settlement), I’ve seen “Hoods” turned into suburbs by developers and its inhabitants relocated (Indian reservations count too), I’ve seen impoverished neighborhoods with HIGH drug Problems o_O (Where’s the alarm), so I can’t tell you if I’m wrong. I just know that when we look at the evidence it doesn’t add up. How do poor people have such a high drug problem when drugs cost so much?

Let’s see, I was told “I was oversimplifying the issue but stating that people in the hood should do better.” Well I can’t disagree with the man. People in the hood do need to do better for themselves. How many people are strapped-for-cash yet run out to go buy the latest Jay-z CD, P diddy, or others when it comes out? I don’t know here, but when is the last time you heard about Jay-z opening a store in a poor neighborhood so you or your parents can get a job? There is also the aspect of waiting on the government to FIX the problem. Um, tell me I’m wrong for this if you want. How old is America, further, how old is the current social system? If we are talking about Thousands of years here and the government still hasn’t fixed a thing. If you’re still wondering, please STOP and RE-READ the first paragraph. In simple words; if you’re waiting on your government to come in and save the day you have a long wait. In case many have missed it. Most elected officials have corporate interests by way of lobby groups that help them get elected or they own corporations. Guess who they are in it for?

Still missed what I’m saying read this entire report

Not done yet read this too

This is a times report; another eye-opener

The point I am trying to prove here is that people all over the world are not the focus of Government. The Focus of government is lobby groups and their corporate interests. “We The People are left to chase after crumbs while the rewards are in favor of those who would turn us out of our homes. With this system in play how exactly does the hood or any other place expect to get money to fix their problems?


You are a community and it is time to start acting like it. We here in America have been a United Stated for more than 500 years now and it is time we began acting like it. A lesson from the Depression era in the early 1900s was that people pooled their resources in order to get things done. Why can’t it be done now? Since those who made it have all failed to return and give back (Of course they give a lot in words) why not stop supporting them and support your communities.Developing a neighborhood

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Our Neighborhoods are our responsibility

business system of aid and recovery is one sure-fire way to go. That’s right, developing a system of people business. There are many who work, and giving one or two dollars a week per person could amount to more than you can imagine. Of course it is risky. Which is why you also need to develop practices and contracts between members. Lodges use these practices all the time. Why can’t neighborhoods and societies. We are the only ones concerned with our own interests and as such we need to operate separate from governments as government has been separate from us.

To elaborate; Corporations are left to operate free of Government interference. We are also left to operate free (More stringent because government says it has a right to govern us; does that make sense?) to an extent. We can and should operate within the confines of the law within our own interest. By developing Societal business entities we design and put together for the sole purpose of supporting our neighborhoods we can make sure schools get what they need, timely repairs are made, individuals do not have to suffer as much, and other needed transactions are taken care of. We would also need to ensure thatInsurance companies (BTW whom are blaming rate hikes on elected officials) keep their grubby little hands off of the funds (Which BTW should be untaxed because it is already taxed dollars at work ~our own money).

Point is we have choices that are not being explored, few elected Officials care enough to bat an eyelash, and worst yet we have failed to act on our own behalf. In fact right now the ones that are starting to act; occupy movement is under attack by Corporations through the police and other government bodies. Sorry but we don’t just need to speak up. We also need to put our own plan of action together no matter how small it may seem. So I guess I stand by the statements that got me blacklisted and unfollowed. WE NEED TO DO BETTER not wait on government to FIX our problems as we should be made aware that we are our only source of help. If you doubt

Watch the State of Obama’s State of the Union address if you missed it. (I Furkin LOVED IT)

Have any thing to add please do.


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