Obama Presses Congress to Pass Aid for Home Owners

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My only question is of course obviously why should he have to. Isn’t it obvious by now? After giving Billions of Tax Dollars to Banks that turn around and make it all but impossible to get at it; Why not provide OUR tax dollars to the people need it? Congress seems stuck on stupid and slow to react. There have been good suggestions by many presidents and backlash in the divided house throughout the year

Congress here’s a problem and the reason you need to approve this move. The money you keep making available to Corporations have been mainly going to their oversees operations.  Case you didn’t understand the undertone in that little note: We need the money here. And we could do well with the money being asked for. Secondly, the idea to tax BIG BANKS a little more is not so absurd.

In his address, Obama acknowledged the challenges of pushing the legislation through a divided U.S. Congress. “As anyone who has followed the news in the last six months can tell you, getting Congress to do anything these days is not an easy job,” it has been that way for a while.

The bill itself is being sought to give cash-strapped homeowners the opportunity to spend a little more and put construction workers back to work. Hopefully refinance their homes and take advantage of record low finance rates, and pay bills. Makes perfect sense.


Read the Y News Report.


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