Who are you?

Ever wanted to know? Realistically we are named by our parents. Philosophically however, the world is an open door. I remember asking this question when I was younger. I wanted to know more about me, my lineage and people. Yes, I was born in Jamaica without a doubt but I had questions as to who we were and how we got there.

When I began researching historical facts other than what was being taught in American or world history I was terrified, sickened, caught off guard, clueless, and really awe-struck. I never knew how much I did not know by simply focusing on what schools were teaching.

Being African American, the first history book I opened outside of the school was African history. The more I read the more I was drawn to the pages. As time went on I got more in-depth with the studies. After studying for a period of time I thought I understood history. But that was only the beginning. There was so much more to come.

The study of Africa (formerly called ~ Alkebulan, Ethiopia) opened up a whole new world of learning for me. And with the rise of the Internet and information available it became mu muse. I wanted to know minute details about myself and my purported people. Being born in Jamaica some of my people, including yours truly are born of Asante (a tribe of the Akan) of Ghana. The clues that led to the conclusion was the migratory excursions and battles of the Akan, Asante dating back hundreds of years against European (Portuguese) settlers.

The need to know who I am is what drove me onward and s the time passed and I began learning I realized I wanted more. More knowledge, more history, more philosophy, more information. I would suggest that if your child or you yourself want to learn more open up searches on the web and or visit libraries that are not so local. Search for books that are not mainstream and see what comes of it. Mythological books also provided relevant clues to realities of the days, as does poetry and artwork. But the most important thing is to study and learn.

(But I was not done… More to come)

Blessings and Love


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