After a Surge in Hiring Unemployment Down to 8.3

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Have you heard the news. After a hiring surge in January Unemployment is now down to 8.3 percent. According to a Yahoo News report, the Nation added more than 243,000 jobs in January dropping the unemployment rate to the lowest it has been in three years.

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Small Break Down of hiring

Hiring accelerated across the economy and up and down the pay scale. The high-salary professional services industry added 70,000 jobs, the most in 10 months. Manufacturing added 50,000, the most in a year. (Y News) It was the most jobs added since and April and May 2010, when 277,000 and 458,000 jobs were created. But those months were skewed by massive hiring for the census. Before that, the last month with more job creation was March 2006.

Kudos to President Obama. It seems while people were busy talking about you being too passive, and that you failed. You were only shutting out the noise so you could concentrate. Nice work, the proof is in the hiring surge and jobs available.


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