The Plot Better Thicken

Ever read a piece where there was a plot within a plot, within a plot, within yet another plot? I furkin’ love those! The plot along with the characters will do it for me every time. For us writers the plot unravels faster than it does for normal mortals. While most people are happy with explosions, sex, and violence we need to be fed. Simple plots? If you can hack it why not.

Developing a plot doesn’t take a lot of skill. Just think about the last time your significant other caught you doing something :/ or the time you were late for work. Don’t act like you didn’t lie your ass off. Same concept. You want to get creative and use layers. The more the better, controlled of course.

The first thing is to develop your central plot and then build subplots around that. You main theme is the most important plot however and should not be short-sighted. Everything else evolves around it. So yes, the plot better thicken.

What you will want to do is immerse yourself within tje confines of your imaginary world. Just like when you were developing your characters now you need to become the story. And yes, you are going to mentally cross-dress, become the opposite sex, and in fact fall in love with each piece of your multiple personas; oh boy.

The fact is when a writer sits to consider a plot she/he goes through ad much emotions as when they are in love. Emotions drive the plot to a good climax (pun intended). In fact if your story is good I would avoid people for a while as you may seem like a lunatic to most normies. Of course if you have writer friends and they ignore you, you should understand why.

a very important thing to note is that if your story does not evoke some kind of reaction from you, chances are it is going to be a yawner. As you immerse and develop your plot you should feel everything someone reading is going to feel; in essense you also become your audience.

Once you have your plot iced work on sub-plots. Humor is always provides a great backdrop to a story. Love: Oh for the love of… Love plays a part in almost every story I have ever read, makes me sick because it usually spells the end of a movie. The awe moment. If you are including love make it interesting. Don’t drain all the energy from the plot by putting too much into that aspect however. The entertainment value is much more important than the first kiss.

But plot, plan, and be as evil as you possibly can. Every heroine/hero needs evil to battle. Let your main plot rule the story, unless you have a really great sub plot, kidding. Wasting time on subplots could make your story like a really badly overdone British film. Trust me, you gotta see one to know what I’m talking about.

Alpha~meta blessings


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