Occupy Movement Showing who Really Controls Government in America

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Looking more and more like China with each clash, the U.S. government has been inventing more and more reasons to go after the “Occupy” movement. The Occupy movement is now under attack at every venue for “Protesting” corporate greed. What started out as peaceful demonstrations have turned into skirmishes with police, the well-to-do, and rhetoric from wealthy law-makers. The newest attack comes in, Oakland, California where Police used teargas and beanbag projectiles, arresting nearly 300 protesters.

What’s really good America? Since when did it become illegal to protest anything? I thought they only molested  protesters in countries our troops have gone to fight for DEMOCRACY? So why is it the occupy movement is under duress for protesting in a democratic nation?

“Occupy Oakland has got to stop using Oakland as its playground,” Mayor Jean Quan, who has come under criticism for the city’s handling of the Occupy movement, said at a late evening press conference. AP report ~ I would imagine turnabout is fair play. Corporations have been using us as their playground for years and we haven’t heard anything except empty promises and “We’ve done all we can.” Now people are upset and protesting and they’re being attacked. So much for democracy and our right to protest peacefully.

The occupy movement is being blamed for starting the recent violence… Wait… If they went months without being violent in order to protest peacefully, why would they start attacking now? Either the occupy movement need to check their ranks for moles, and plants (Trouble starters), or someone’s lying. I fail to see how non-violent protests become violent without some form of external stimuli. This again leads me to say that government is lying, has done so on many occasions. Question is will people actually buy it after seeing it happen so many times. Occupy Wallstreet and other occupy movements need to be left alone to do the work Government officials have failed to do. Force some kind of behavior on corporations that help the people that are being forced to consume their products.

Which begs the question some have asked before without getting an answer. Are Corporations running this country or is Congress and our President? Why is it all of a sudden taboo to protest? And why is it all of a sudden seeming like the countries U.S. soldiers have invaded in order to bring them democracy? After all, are we Cattle that we should be herded into the corral of silence by corporate dollars? If occupy wishes to protest they should be able to. Their message and demands are fair to Americans of all age, it is also fair to corporation; minus a few pennies on the dollar. We fully understand companies need to profit to stay afloat. But the occupy movement demand are fair to everyone.

Elizabeth Warren who is all for Occupy seem to have the right attitude. What about the rest. As for law enforcement; what is going to happen if the occupy movement stops? Aren’t you in the same system as they are? Think critically about that for a minute. Not saying to stop protecting the peace, I’m saying consider your orders and consider the actions. Don’t just do what you’re told. You’re not robots, protect the citizens and our rights as you were hired to do. Not just the rights of the corporations.

Occupy under attack in 2011 in NY Live feed

Peace and Blessings

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