The Fight Scene and Normal

Go crazy. There are people who tell me all the time to make the fight scenes real. But be real for a second. What is real? I’ve seen people jump in the air and do a triple spin kick, bounce off walls or ricochet into their opponent. So really what’s real?

Fights bring out the supernatural or abnormal abilities of people. We become stronger and more agile. Even crazier, may sound like it to you, when you shut down you consciousness during a fight your body takes control and uses all the abilities our thinking prevents. Take a test run and get in a ring, clear your mind, and have someone shoot the scenes. Just let your body react to everything and see how different your body looks. Your body has an intuitive battle ready system geared to defending itself with any part of the body or anything near it.

The same intuitive actions should be used when you’re writing. Trust me I am not just a nerd I am also a nerd-club president 😛 When writing try to imagine a move, if you can conceive it, it is real. Fights by definition are definitely not normal. That is why we are not always in battle mode, some of us anyway. The same can be said for your characters.

Lately I have seen some fight scenes that I can appreciate. Bodies flying, windows breaking, and all the carnage that makes a fight a fight. Not the same old punch and block routine that used to be considered normal. Always hated those, that’s why I loved Bruce lee, Jet lee, Bruce Leeroy, anything Lee; them Lee boys knew/know how to throw down.

Anyway, Enjoy this and make a fight scene I can be proud of. I want to read your next fight.


Blessup ~ Peace


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