To Taboo or Not to Taboo

Ever notice that people from certajn backgrounds stay away from certain subjects. Yes you do, you know you do it don’t lie. We all do it, well, at least I used to do it. That was when I realized how much more there was to learn and discuss. Oh boy, if pastors who knew me could hear my mind now, I’d be a heretic.

Let’s talk real talk a minute. Yes I’m prolly gonna rant. Taboo subjects suck when you’re a writer or you think outside of normal thought processes, you know those programmed ones making an invisible cross, covering your ears when someone swears, can’t say certain words even though you’re thirty, and the list gets weirder. Yeah I said weirder, I typed prolly too.

The point I am making here is taboo is bad for writing. Yes, there are writers that do well with staying in the confines of their beleif. Read, one of their peices and you’ll prolly swear. You as a writer need to adapt to breaking your own laws, they’re yours. I’m not saying F bombs in every sentence, I’m simply saying adjust and be flexible.

Believe me, even godly women cry out to certain deities at strange times. If you are a woman you’ve probably screamed “oh God” a few times. Having God as a taboo subject can severly cripple your creativiy because God is involved in almost everything human. My only advice to you; get over it. The need to create things arise out of respect for the talents you have. Shying away from a topic you need to focus on because it is taboo to you not only takes you away, buy robs others of your valuable input.

At all costs avoid writing in China, pun intended. Don’t write in places where you know the topic of your work will be closely monitored. Do better, know that you have a project that may offend some. Do your work outside, if they come and complain out there send their asses back in, or gently extend the middle finger of either hand as a gentle reminder that you’re working (please excuse the run-on I had something to say).

Lastly be ready for criticism, to be excommunicated, hated, laughed at, jeered, and much more. A friendly reminder, they laughed at Albert Einstein and his theories too, now everybody is using them. Taboo subjects are to be explored and not ignored. Getting an understanding of why they are taboo is necessary. Besides you get to use your brain instead of being a yes man or mam.

If you like this get at me with comments.

Peace and Love


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