T.O Ready to Play Again

Owens says he's ready to play again.

The only question is. Is the NFL ready for Terrell? To be honest there hasn’t been a personality this big in the game since Deon Sanders. And his game-play speaks for itself. But the Carnage left by Owens is anything but great. There was always controversy surrounding the man. So the question is; now that he is ready to try returning to the field will there be a team willing to invest in him.

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The apparent reason for the return. The 38 year old, Alabama native says his $80 million dollars is all but gone. Owens Pays roughly $44,000 to the four mother of his four children (Yikes, ever heard of a condom?). He has also made some bad investment decisions and have had bad financial advice as well.

But for now the star will be playing in the IFL.


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