Me and My Ego

Ego too big

Seem to be a problem I’ve always had

Wanting more than they say I should have

And why not

I want anything I see fit to want

Forget them and those

The ones who say I should know my place

My place is wherever my mind decides it is

Not some designed space where I fit myself in

Look over there

That’s my place too

You know the one with riches and gold

Overflowing with milk, honey, and things untold

Yeah yeah I already know am bold

My mama told me that when I was bout four years old

Precious woman she be

She told me nothing was impossible to me

Just look at me stringing things

Just look at what I’m bout to bring

Ego too big

Not my problem

Any problem is only the one you got

But still you sittin’ there readin’ like I don’t know what

No, my English ain’t never gonna be perfect

Till I want to speak in ways I want you to understand

But if you can understand what I said

Then perfect English it be for you and me

If my ego is anything less than exciting

Maybe you need to sit down, slow down, and re-examine

The structure of my behavior

The words that I have here

I will not resubmit nothing

Not till I feel it’s wrong ya dig

Stop reading my words if they trouble you

Understand that it is me I do

All day all night

I be the thing that brings things to life

Nothing lives without me

Nothing at all you got to agree


Ego too big

Forget what you know and take heed

Pay attention to everything I do and you’ll understand

This what I do here is the only thing

You will ever need to know

And for dam sure

The only thing that matters today or tomorrow

Ain’t not one of these words I set out to borrow

I created my own

I my way now

I decided what was and what is

I created this blizz

Something to tackle what you know

About the ego fo’ sure

Don’t tell me to ease up on my ego trip

My ego is my Antivirus the entire world got to spit

I close my eyes and it is all I hear

And the only law to which I adhere

Tell me am wrong and I should know more

Ever see me steal anybody land, hell no fo sure

Never see me rob no man

Never see me steal from no baby’s hand

Never see me lie to you neither

Screw all that I don’t need to be weaker

I got my one thing and it’s all I ever need

My inner God born from higher seed

So when you all come telling me to get what you know

I say forget you fools I got my BIG Ego


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